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The wonderful blue balls!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ok, enough of my friends (spark friends and otherwise), including myself, have issues with our backs so I thought I'd just blog about it here.

Having thrown my back out several times in the past, I know the pain and inconvenience it causes. Usually I just go to the chiropractor and that helps a lot! Not a fan of chiropractic, that's okay, I totally get it. I have been unable to go for the last 6 months because of being cut back at work anyway. So I had to find another way to help my back.

I wanted to share what I do, it works for me and enough of my friends have said it helps them too! It's easy, affordable, and works :)

You can buy from Amazon. I got mine at Costco a few years back.

For me, it's my low back. When I throw mine out, I end up walking cocked to the left for several days (I really do look ridiculous!) What I have been doing is the following: Several times a week, usually while watching tv at night, I grab one ball. I lay flat on my back, roll to the side and put the ball at the base of my spine, above my sacrum (right about the tip of the you know what crack). I roll back to flat. At first it might be a little uncomfortable if your back is tight. If that is the case, keep your knees bent. If you can, straighten your legs. Lie still for 1-3 minutes, trying to relax the best you can. The more I relax, the better I feel. Then I gently roll to the side, grab the ball and lie flat again. And you know what... when you are able to do this, your back actually is flat against the ground (or pretty close to flat).

This has allowed me to manage my back issues WELL!!!

These balls are awesome for other issues to! You can get the same effect with a small rolled up towel, but the balls are better :)

And ftr...the original name for the blog was "Do you have a bad back?" But I changed it at the last minute...what do'ya think? emoticon

Added comment: These are very different from the small yoga balls that are filled with sand! Those hurt if you do what I do above.
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