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Updates on the week and food nostalgia strikes again

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thanks for all the comments on yesterday's blog. I know it's not my usual kind of post, but what I saw on Tuesday really stuck in my brain and I had to get it out. Today we are back to the regularly scheduled programming.

One thing I am grateful for is that I've been doing some ST these last few months. I was recruited as a "pack mule" on Tuesday because there were probably only 4 people out of 15 that could lift anything over 20 pounds. The rest were elderly retired ladies and young teenage girls (it was Spring Break week for my county schools). So I was put to work carrying out boxes for people that couldn't do it themselves...and I helped unload the truck. The food boxes were probably 30-35 pounds each and the boxes coming off the truck were at least 45 pounds. So I did a LOT of heavy lifting that day. Probably not so smart to do after a good ST workout session the night before, but I didn't realize that was what was going to happen. And then my crazy fool self didn't want to waste an opportunity, so I went to the Y and completed a new PR for the half-mile swim: 27:30 instead of my regular 30 min pace.

So needless to say, I was really sore yesterday and decided to take a rest day. Which was a good thing for me because today I'd say I'm back to about 85%. My shins are still pretty sore though. Which is weird because I didn't do any running or walking this week. And they were hurting Tuesday morning, so it had to happen during my ST workout. But I don't know what aggravated them? The planks? The body rows? The deadlifts? I'm really curious because this hasn't happened before and I don't want a repeat performance.

I also haven't been sleeping that well, so that's not helping. I thought the point of exercise was to help you sleep better, but it feels like that's not happening this week. I'm stopping any kind of exercise by 7 each night. I don't do caffeine after mid-afternoon. I'm yawning, my eyes are burning, and I'm tired. Yet my brain just does not want to shut off.

Tonight, however, I am doing some type of exercise. I'm hoping to knock out another ST session and some bike intervals, but if all I do is ST, that's OK too. Tomorrow morning is a swim drill session and I'll probably do an easy bike ride on Saturday. Even if I miss one workout I should still get in my 1,000 fitness minutes by Saturday night, hooray!

Another big point for ST was that swimming PR. That's a 2 1/2 minute decrease in my swim time in just under 2 weeks, and I suspect that ST has had a lot to do with that. My endurance was up too...I had to rest a lot less between laps, and I only had to pause to rest during the last third of the distance.

If only my biking could see those kinds of results. While my overall average constant speed is increasing, I just can't seem to break that first PR of 57 mins/15 miles. I got to 57:10 last week, but that was the closest I've been. I try to do the full 15 miles every two weeks or so, with the other workouts alternating between shorter/consistent pace and intervals. I'm constantly hitting the middle or upper end of my HR (I'd say 70 - 85%). I have to admit though, I haven't been doing a lot of resistance/low cadence workouts after I managed to hit level 3 on the bike. And I don't really do low cadence recovery workouts. That might be my problem.

Nutrition wise, I'm still well within ranges on SP, though I frequent the upper end more often than not. I did have one overage day this week. This sweet elderly lady who came to the food bank ended up bringing me & the person I was volunteering with a few fried homemade apple pies as a thank you. It is really hard to turn down something like that. I know, I know. But it was a unique situation and I really don't do sweet stuff but once a week on the weekends, so I just chalked it up to a special treat. And it was worth every bite. It really made me think of my grandmother and how she used to make those when she was alive.

It's crazy how food can remind you of family like that. No wonder we develop emotional attachments to food. That pie, for a single moment, made me feel closer to my grandmother who I lost when I was 18. Now, I know that it's not a substitute and I've learned that there are other ways I can miss her. But for many of us, this is a huge struggle because growing up, most family functions or interactions go hand in hand with food. Sweet buttery treats for special occasions. Waking up to big breakfasts full of eggs, bacon, and sausage when you stay at your grandparents' farm for the weekend. I would lean against the counter and talk with her about my problems many times as a teenager while my grandmother cooked those kinds of breakfasts or a Sunday brunch.

That's a tough thing, and it's OK to have those kinds of occasional moments with a treat. But eating more food like that is not going to bring back the past. It's OK to miss our loved ones and our innocent childhood moments. But the only way to heal from those is to create new happy moments now, with the people in our lives. And those moments don't just have to be in the kitchen or at the dinner table.
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    It's good to hear that you're pretty much staying on track with food and exercise - which is definitely more than I can say!

    Many things can affect sleep - stress, diet, exercise, emotions, etc. If you're having trouble, I recommend finding a Sleepytime herbal tea with valeran root in it (the brand I use is Yogi). Usually a cup right before bed is enough to help me sleep deep throughout the night. Two or more cups, though, and I've noticed I've been groggy in the mornings, though. It's a lot better than relying on expensive, addicting sleeping pills, that's for sure!'

    Hope you get to sleeping better soon!
    1879 days ago
    I know what you mean about food being tied to memories and trying to recreate them. You are so right that we have to find new ways to celebrate and remember.
    1880 days ago
    The ST will definitely help your swimming time glad you are seeing the results there. The biking will improve too. For the the dead lifts and squats are key. Awesome job on setting a new personal record! I am sure you will hit it on the bike in no time!

    You are so right about food and family. We celebrate everything in my family with food. Also My grandmother was an incredible cook. everything she made was from scratch including her own doughnuts and ice cream. She lived with us from pretty much when I could remember until I was 14. I never went to after school or daycare she took care of me and she would spoil me with food lol. So I so get what you are saying about the pie.

    Even more than the food I remember and appreciate her wisdom. So those are the memories I cling to. Not the food anymore. Have a wonderful Easter!
    1880 days ago
    Good for you on all counts!

    you may have been sore from lifting the grocery supplies....they strange motion of lifting, hefting, & toting them may have hit some underutilized muscles.

    I've learned to enjoy the day after's tough to walk around like a zombie after a heavy day of ST....I usually do some cardio to flush out the lactic acid.

    Keep at it!
    1880 days ago
    wooo HOOooo for you! Way to go and you've definitely earned your rest day.

    food definitely is so entwined with family memories for me too! but you're right . . . time to also make NEW memories and healthier ones. HUGS
    1880 days ago
    You're so awesome.

    I love what ST I've done, too. I love when "super heavy" stuff I have to lift for work feels... not light, but manageable. hahaha! It's a nice feeling, being strong!

    Your memories of your grandma are super sweet. I am also cracking up about it, though, because mine are... very different. ha. I love my grandma, she is so awesome and sweet and fun, but cooking = not her strong suit. So my food related memories of her are all... hilarious. I remember going to their house for summer weekends, and how disappointing it was that she only bought gross cookies. I was a kinda picky kid. I loved sweets but only, like, chocolate chip cookies, oreos, certain flavors of ice cream. She always had nutter butters, these awful store brand chocolate chip cookies where the cookie tasted almost fruity and you couldn't taste the chocolate in the tiny, sad, dry "chips", and these windmill/house shaped cookies that I think were supposed to be gingerbread but really were just gross. It was like... aren't your grandparents supposed to "spoil" you with sweets? And she'd let us have cookies, except I never wanted the cookies, because yuck. Hahahaha. I still kind of hate nutter butters just on principle...

    There was also the time we were staying at their house & she had bought the newfangled "just add water" pancake mix. As she was making breakfast, she must have said to herself "Hmmm.. if these are good with just water, I'll bet they'll be even better with milk and eggs!" Yeah. Not so much. + milk and eggs = more like shoe leather. When my grandfather took one off his plate and pretended to patch his shoe with it, she was NOT amused, but we all laughed until our @sses fell off, and we still do. EVERY TIME someone tells that story.

    Because you know what? The NEXT time we visited, and she made pancakes, she said to herself "These were really terrible last time... maybe they'd be better with milk and eggs!" BAH HA HA. YES. It happened. It's amazing.

    She always made good pie, though. These days she buys good pie. HEE. emoticon emoticon GRANDMA. emoticon emoticon
    1880 days ago
    Great blog!! emoticon
    1880 days ago
    Amen, sister! Food and memories are so intertwined... thanks for the reminder that we can honor our memories and make new ones without always turning to food. emoticon
    1880 days ago
    Wow, you are such an inspiration, making great progress! Yes, food can definitely trigger emotions, especially surrounding family. I know I can't eat yellow cake without thinking of my grandmother, who made it for me. This can be a blessing, as long as we don't abuse it.
    1880 days ago
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