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Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut....

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

No, I don't mean the candy bars.

It is a continuation of something I have learned from Spark People, of always being willing to try something new.

Where I work as a cashier at Walmart,

I have a unique vantage point on what people are buying.

Many come through with an assortment of junk food.

Others with a healthier choice of food.

But lately, something has been coming through that really piqued my interest.

People have been buying something called almond milk.

I had never tried it before, so I decided to give it a try, and bought some.

I took it home and tried some.

And it was pretty good.

It tastes like regular dairy milk, though with an almond aftertaste. Not surprising, as it is made from almonds.

But is it healthy? Just listen to this link:

Here's the nutrition info:

There are several reasons why people opt for it rather than dairy milk.

One is, they may be lactose intolerant.

Not this kind,

but this kind.

Others, for myriad valid reasons, have opted for a vegetarian lifestyle,

or even going totally vegan.

While I respect their choice and viewpoint, I'm not quite ready to cross that road yet.

Though I have eaten with great appreciation many vegetarian dishes, like Boca burgers instead of hamburgers.

No, I drink this almond milk because I like it.

I am more careful about what I put into my body, since I have seen the horrors of how the food industry gives their mass produced food.

Trying to opt for naturally produced meat,


and produce.

When spring finally rolls around, I plan to go to the local farmer's market

For some of the freshesf food.

I know I won't be disappointed. So yes, I do feel like a nut.

And I like it!

Or a very merry unbirthday!

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