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Thursday, March 28, 2013

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the comments and sparkmails after my blog yesterday. They were much needed and appreciated. Sometimes the positive self-talk can only help so much and it helps to hear it from someone else (even if it's the same exact speech) somehow hearing it from someone else when you're down the the dumps makes it seem more valid. I guess I just needed validation that it's going to be ok.

After that post yesterday, I felt myself let go and forgive myself (which brought more tears) and I also went for a run.

It was hard to go. I felt paralyzed about my injury - worried that going on the run would hurt or make it worse. But I did it anyway. It was a GREAT run. Sure my PF felt it more afterward, but it didn't hurt at all during the run. I ran with Roscoe to keep things light but he kept going, so I kept going. It was his longest and one of my longer ones in recent times at 5 miles.

I forgot to mention that last weekend I also set a 10K PR. It's still a little soft compared to my half marathon PR, but given my training and the hills on the course, I was really skeptical of my chances of PRing going into that race. But I decided to really go for it, and I got it! I was sooooo happy.

So after that blog, I talked to my DH about it a little bit, too, and he was like - but you just ran a PR! And he continued to encourage me that I would get through this. He is the best!

So between him and you guys, I was really convinced to just let go of what I can't control and continue to be diligent and to do my best.

Also, SEEHOLZ mentioned a change of routine. Yes, I am still working on a new normal routine for myself which includes regular gym time. When I was losing weight, I was always going to the gym regularly. So this will be an important component of my new routine. I also wasn't running as much. I think I will still run more than I did then, but it will be more of a maintenance routine and less building to a big mileage load. My focus isn't on running right now.

I will still run and enjoy myself, but I think (pending any major changes later in the year, it's still early) that 2013 will be a marathon-less year, just like 2011 was. I can run a good half marathon off of a less intense training load, but I won't run 6 of them like I did last year either. We're also focusing on keeping my races local, so that will be fun.

I CAN DO THIS! This will pass and I will make it through this! Just think, if I throw in the towel on it all AND the hormones are having their way with me, I will just spiral into a blobby oblivion. I need to keep at it if just to combat the worst of it while I normalize.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    yeah for feeling better! When I saw your awesome post on DM yesterday, I had a feeling things were looking up :-)
    I'm so glad that things are looking better today- for me, sometimes all it takes is a good workout and a good night's sleep :-)

    And, it takes guts to forgive yourself and trust that things will be okay- so go Dana!
    2445 days ago
    Dana, so glad you are feeling better! A lot of how we feel is truly about our outlook. I know it's hard to put on a happy face when you are not feeling it, but sometimes that's what needed to make the inside catch up with the outside.

    Also, as to PF, you know I have a permanent case of it, right? It almost never goes away, but strangely, doesn't hurt at all when I'm running, so I just run with it. The trick to running is to figure out what is an injury you MUST rest versus one you can run through. Not easy to do, but you'll figure it out.

    Also, running has ebb and flow. The nice thing is that it's always there for you, and whether you run 15 miles a week or 15 miles a day, you are still a runner. I have periods of time, like when I was working full time AND in grad school, where running and racing took a back seat to other stuff. That's OK, and I think it makes us appreciate running a lot more when we come back to it "full time" :D
    2445 days ago
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