Tuesdays Training

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Forgive this because i dont know the names of things she makes me do, just that they work!

Incline push-ups (on smith machine)-20
Chest Flys with 10lb weights - 15
Tricep dips with bent knees- 20

Im not sure how to explain this one, but it was kinda like a burpee on steriods...
W/20lb bar throw it up in the air come down to the floor, walk your feet out and in then back up-10 of those
Dumbell Snatch w/10lb -15(on each side)
Tricep Extention w/15lb-15

Reverse Pushup with TRX- 20
Pushup with TRX-20
I dont know how to explain this one either... it was some kinda arm pully thing, and it was tough haha but i did 15 on each side with 10lbs

20 sit ups
30 sec forward bicycles then 30 reverse
1 min leg swings
1 min plank

Ended with 10 min on the row machine and 5 on the elliptical

then yesterday i did the 15 min HIIT from Turbo Fire and then i did a walking dvd with my mom :)
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