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Staying positive

Thursday, March 28, 2013

We've read it a million times, right?
It's important to stay positive when trying to reach any goal.

And of course it's so amazingly easy to focus on the negative.
That is the path of least resistance.

I do it all day long.

- I shouldn't have had that pizza with friends.
- I should have lost 30 pounds by now.
- I should have worked out more.
- I feel lousy because I'm fat and lazy.

STOP IT!!!!!

I don't know how to change the direction of my emotions from negative to positive. Some days it feels totally hopeless. But if I make the tiniest moves in the positive direction, eventually they add up to a change in course.

- I'm human; I'll try to do better today.
- 5 min on the elliptical is better than no minutes.
- One serving of ice cream is better than the whole thing.
- Each mistake is really just a learning tool.

So I fall… I can still get up again. Or just lie there.
The choice is mine.


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