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Venting cause I have to get it out

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The US Supreme Court is currently hearing a cases on the very important issue of marriage equality. Everyone seems to have some opinion on the subject. I don't intend to offend anyone, but personally I think marriage is a right that should not be denied to anyone, and that I don't have the right to judge. That is my personal opinion. I know plenty of loveless marriage between a man and a woman and plenty of very loving same sex couples who would love to be married. I have shared my support not only to my friends in person, but also on my facebook, which brings me to my venting.

I know that everyone does not share my opinion, but there is no reason to be nasty and mean about. I am sharing my opinion and my support. You are allowed to your opinion, but you should not be attacking me personally because I disagree with you. I have privately removed myself from conversations when I realized that others don't share my opinion and continuing the conversation would only lead to hurt feelings and such. I have ignored messages and comments on facebook that have differed from my opinion. But today I came home to a message on facebook from a family member (why I am venting here and not facebook) that attacked me, my husband and my father as horrible people and horrible Christians. I really respected this family member and was deeply hurt by there comments. When I tried to contacting them to explain things, I was meet with a "you need to go to church and pray for your soul". So now after a good cry and I am angry. Who are you to judge? Who are you to decide what is right and what is wrong, what makes a good christian and what makes a bad christian? I am not regular church goer, but I believe Jesus was the one that told us to turn the other cheek. And I am pretty sure I do remember more than once hearing "do onto others as you would have done to you'. I believe we all have things we will to answer for to some point, but to God not to you.

I am done venting now, and I feel better getting it out.

So as this important issue gets debated, remember everyone has their opinion, but it still doesn't give you the right to mean and hurtful to others (especially those that love and respect you)!
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    Well said! emoticon
    1909 days ago
    "I disagree with what you say but I'll defend to the death your right to say it." - Voltaire
    This quote is the way all of us should deal with different opinions. Freedom of opinion and the right to voice it should be among our characteristics as civilized and respectful human beings.
    I'm sorry you had to go through this, especially on Facebook. As for the unacceptable comment "you need to go to church and pray for your soul", all I have to say is "Don't judge and you shall not be judged."
    1911 days ago
    You are someone who can respect a different opinion -- shame on those who feel their views are better than anyone else's! And you're right: Jesus taught about love, not intolerance, insult, and injustice. The relative who commented in such an ugly fashion is in an unhappy place in life. I'm sorry her unhappiness spilled onto you.
    1911 days ago
    Monaca, not sure how I missed this one yesterday...

    Yeah, I stay out of that Facebook stuff all the time. I just keep scrolling past the things I don't agree with and don't click "Like" on the things I do, either, if they're charged. I only go on there to beseech people to send me their addresses, anyway, or to check for messages so only a few times a month.

    I'm sorry somebody was being ugly to you, especially someone you are related to! And on Facebook!!! I'm assuming publicly...that's SO MESSED UP. Seriously, WHO DOES THAT??? I'm a little prickly, I think, and there are SO MANY PEOPLE I DON'T LIKE. It's not even a matter of disagreeing with them on a topic--I don't like them. BUT I would NEVER make a public declaration of that. Why? Because it's STUPID.

    But, I am going to make a public declaration about you, too, and there ain't nothin' you can do about this one, either!


    So there! =)
    1911 days ago
    Remember when some one says something mean to you it's them that has the problem...
    So sorry to hear someone has been mean and hurtful to you...

    hugs to you ..we are here for you and it's always a safe place to vent!

    1912 days ago
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