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Goals 2 of 3

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I am going to unpack the first 4 of my 8 goals...

Goal 1: Walk 5,000 Steps Per Day
Goal 2: Burn 2,225 Calories Per Day
Goal 3: Consume Between 1200 and 1225 Calories (at least during Lent will increase a bit after Easter) Per Day
Goal 4: Climb 10 Floors Per Day

Now that we have been reminded of what they are... Let’s take a look at each one...

First some background information before I start... I bought a digital pedometer end of February 2013... Many of my goals are a result of what my pedometer tracks and how it is set up... Also, on the pedometer’s site where you can view your progress and set goals... They have you earn Badges like we earn Trophies on SparkPeople... You have daily badges you can earn every day and Lifetime Badges which are accomplished after many days and weeks of tracking; which you do so each day when you reach your daily badge goals in a variety of areas... My pedometer also syncs via wireless connection with SparkPeople Fitness Tracker... I am able to track steps per day, calories burned from exercise, minutes I exercised, total calories burned, distance in miles, and hours of sleep... It resets itself to Zero every night at Midnight... Stores the info till I sync it...

Also; I am a devout Catholic... So, you will see from time to time how Catholicism is part of my life on this blog... I will however NEVER try to convert anyone, preach to you the ‘Good News’, or otherwise criticize those of other religious/faith choices even those who choose to have no belief at all in a Divine Person(s)... My personal stance on religious or spiritual things as such is the same as my stance on everyone’s journey to be healthier selves on SparkPeople... We all have to walk our journey as we choose through our own choices... We can’t compare and shouldn’t our journey/path to anyone else... We can’t walk on each other’s paths nor should we... Every person must find their own UNIQUE path to their healthiest self... Our paths may intersect and we may even choose to walk on the same part of a particular path because of a choice we make... Your Path is Your Path and Yours Alone... So, Stand Tall, Stand Proud, and Stand Stronger and walk that path!

I would also like to state that there are no ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’ Choices; your choices are morally neutral in reaching your goals to becoming the healthiest person you can... There are only ‘Healthy’ and ‘Unhealthy’ choices... Healthy choices move you faster to your goal and unhealthy choices move you slower to your goal... It is the same as going Left or Right when you reach the dead end of a street... Turning Left or Right is neither ‘good’ nor ‘bad’... It just affects how much longer it will be till you reach your destination... You can choose either choice... It is morally neutral... Now that all that disclaimer stuff is out of the way; let’s check out these goals...

Goal 1: Walk 5,000 Steps Per Day

This goal is a result of my pedometer... Most people I know who share their steps each day walk at least 10,000... That seems to be the industry standard... Pedometer website had 5,000 steps as the lowest goal where you earn a daily badge I could choose, so I picked that... I was unaware how many steps I take in a day... I figured it wasn’t very many since I did as much sitting as possible... I walked as little as possible and complain about having to walk long distances... Like when you have to park a country mile from Walmart then walk to the entrance... I’m thinking why do they make this parking lot so freakin’ BIG! Can’t they have a shuttle or something? Do they REALLY expect people to walk from back here?!?! When I first started tracking my steps... I walked 2,000-3,000 steps per day... I knew I could do better... I could if I focused on it... Reach 5,000 steps per day and earn my daily badge... Sadly even one day I didn’t even walk 2,000 steps... I wasn’t even sick... I was just plain lazy! I am happy to share that now I’m walking 5,000 steps most days quite easily... There are those days when I do become lazy about reaching my goals to becoming a healthier me... I find myself ‘racing’ around my house, making laps around the furniture to meet that 5,000 step goal before Midnight... One night I was really desperate not to break my streak and reach my goal to earn my daily steps badge... So, I went out side at 11:40 PM to walk up and down my block... Being I live in Chilly North Dakota... The side walks were packed with snow and in places VERY icy... I fell twice... I stood back up as fast I could... I was about 5 minutes out from Midnight when I checked it... I hadn’t reached my goal but I was sooo close! I kept walking... When I was about 2 houses from mine... I peeked again to see how far away I was... It had reset... I wouldn’t know till I sync’d it and read the results on the internet... It was painful, embarrassing, yet empowering because I did meet my goal that day and earned my badge... I have even had the rare day of 6,000 to 7,000 steps... Once I am consistently walking 8,000 to 9,000 steps... I will change my goal to 10,000 steps... I have earned my first Lifetime Badge of walking 50 miles! Next Lifetime Badge is 250 miles...

Goal 2: Burn 2,225 Calories Per Day

There are 4 basic plans of intensity when I researched on line calculating how many calories you should burn per day based on how much weight you want to lose per week...

They are as follows:
0.5 lb -250 calories
1 lb -500 calories
1.5 lbs -750 calories
2 lbs -1,000 calories

Based on my current tracked calorie intake and amount of calories I burn on average per day... I am on the Harder Plan... It is not healthy to lose more than 2 lbs per week... Pedometer tracks it for me... It divides on SparkPeople Fitness Tracker how much I am burning in general and how much I am burning as the result of ‘exercise’ or increased activity...

Goal 3: Consume Between 1200 and 1225 Calories (at least during Lent will increase a bit after Easter) Per Day

When I signed up for SparkPeople based on my current weight and my desired goal weight... It was my recommended guideline of calories to be 1,200 to 1,550 per day... I first started at the end of January... I was eating those 1,550 calories per day... I’m sure I was eating two even three times that amount or more before I started tracking... I would go as far as to eat half and even a quarter of one baby carrot to squeeze those last few calories in for the day... I found I am not hungry and satisfied if I take the time to plan my calories for the day... I just refer to my tracker as to what to eat when and how much... I of course learned that the hard way... One day I had eaten and tracked after the fact... I found myself STARVING... I had a ton of EMPTY calories... I only had a few calories left to eat to stay within my guidelines... I was going all around my kitchen frantic... What can I eat? What can I eat? What can I eat NOW?!?! I finally settled for 3 Cups of plain Iceberg Lettuce... It was the only thing I could find that was very low in calories and I could eat A LOT of it! For Lent, I decide for my thing to “give up” I would give up those extra 350 calories... I would eat as close to 1,200 calories per day... I would always eat at least those because I know NOT eating enough calories is also bad for weight loss as it is to eat too many calories... Remember Calories are the FUEL for your body... They are NOT the enemy... Don’t eat those empty calories... Focus on whole grains, fresh fruits/veggies plus lean meats... You will be full on a healthy amount of calories... I am going to for a happy medium after Easter not focusing on either extreme of the guideline and track 1,300-1,400 calories per day...

Goal 4: Climb 10 Floors Per Day

This goal is part of my pedometer... Lowest Daily Badge I can earn is for 10 Floors... I set my first goal at that level... Next Daily Badge level is 25 Floors! My first time Lifetime Badge is 500 Floors... I’m half way there... I chip away at that goal each day when I reach my 10 Floors badge... Some days I surprise myself reach 12 or 14 Floors... My Floors climbed in similar to my steps journey... See the photo above... Those are the stairs in my house leading up to the 2nd floor... There are 15 total steps... It is L shaped... 9 steps, 2 turning steps to the left then 4 more steps to reach the 2nd floor... How do I know how many steps? I counted them... I would then complain... 15 stupid steps... I hate those 15 steps... I loathed, detested and down right HATED my stairs in my house... When I first started tracking I was going up them one to two times in a 24 hour period... Pretty much only to go to bed at night... While I don’t like my stairs, I might never like them... They are no longer and obstacle but an opportunity... When I am lazy I do find myself going up and down, up and down, up and down at quarter to Midnight to reach my daily badge... Let me say it is NOT fun... I become winded quite quickly... I’m considered ‘obese’ for my BMI and waking up daily at 6:50 AM makes those steps even more of a nemesis then usual... I still go up and down... Trying to cheer myself on... You can do it... Only X more floors and you are done... I also tell myself... Quit complaining... If you weren’t lazy today, you wouldn’t be doing this so go up those stairs and reach that goal... I now look for stairs in the community... I was always the first to hunt out an elevator to avoid the stairs... I am at times sad when I can’t take the stairs... I must say though that a double jogger stroller with TWO 28+ lb 2-1/2 yr old twin boys riding and stairs DO NOT MIX well... ::smirk::

Thank you for sticking to the end of this blog post... My next entry I will unpack the last 4 goals of my 8 goals... Until I write again... KEEP SPARKIN’!!
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    I found it on a SP advertisement... It is a FitBit ONE...
    2920 days ago
    Where did you find the wireless pedometer? It sounds like a great tool.

    Welcome to the site. Good luck on your journey. emoticon
    2920 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11519434
    2937 days ago
    Sorry for the late posting... I had it all typed up last night... It was eaten by cyberspace and never posted to my blog... I am now typing my blog in a word processor then cut and pastin'... I can avoid that upset in the future and delay of blog messages...

    2937 days ago
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