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This, I know, is Changing my Life

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Since I became vegetarian (don't worry, this isn't a soapbox blog haha), I've really started to do research and comb through healthy living documentaries, and become more aware of how food can actually heal our bodies.

For those of you (including myself) who have pretty much been on a "diet" since your teens, you have probably also heard of how people become obese; something is wrong in your life, whether its concscious and/or subconscious. It also doesn't help that all of the processed foods that are available for our consumption just make us fatter. And as a species, we no longer know how to feed our bodies what they really need. We are set up for failure even when we're born.

Luckily, there are scientists and researchers out there who don't do what they do for the money--they actually are ethical and care about long-term effects that food, pollutants and pharmaceuticals have on one's health.

I'm posting a link to a documentary I stumbled upon called, "Hungry for Change" which is extraordinary and can really change your life. You don't have to be on a weightloss journey to benefit from this information, in fact...EVERYONE should look at this to improve overall health.

I love what these people uncover, and believe me, after taking more then a few organic chemistry, biochemistry, naturopathic and regular nutrition courses I can tell you that it all makes complete sense. After watching this, I thought back to all of the chemical experiments that I've done with certain compounds, acids, bases, etc...I realized that almost every chemical I've worked with is found in processed or frozen boxed foods that you buy at the grocery store! And I KNOW what those chemicals do and where they come from...NOT GOOD!

Let me know what you think or if any of you want to start a discussion; I'd love to hear your thoughts! You can also watch this on Netflix!
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    Thx for the tip...hope to catch up with this soon!

    Vegetarian lifestyle has been pulling at me for some almost there, except for dairy / eggs...which I have a hard time thinking about giving up.

    1907 days ago
    Thank you for sharing. You are so right we are being fed modified chemicals. A protein , vitamins, minerals or a carbohydrates in a powder form are not the same as real natural foods.
    We do better to eat the real stuff in moderation. emoticon
    1911 days ago
    RALUCANUTA-- the power of food is really awesome and I think learning about how to use it to heal our bodies instead of relying solely on pharmaceuticals is definitely something everyone should look into. (Can you tell how excited I am?!) I just get really upset when research like this isn't funded by government agencies...and can you guess why? Because the pharmacy companies who ARE funded for research by the gov. are making huge bucks by giving all of these horrible drugs to sick people...who get sick from the side effects of one drug and need another and another...and "we all" believe this (pharmaceuticals) is the only way to get better because there isn't enough "real" research out there to support a natural way of healing. We would actually save billions...that's BILLIONS of dollars per year in the healthcare field if everyone ate healthier.

    Sorry about that...

    REENSKI--I love Kris Carr. I haven't read her books yet, but I plan to. What she's done is really amazing! Getting cancer is a big fear of mine, especially because I'm overweight. And yes, I couldn't believe how horrible some foods are that I thought were healthy. It shines a whole new light on processed foods and even what foods people don't think of as "processed" like bread! Ahhh...but I love bread...

    READY4CHANGE81-- I don't think you'll be disappointed watching this! Very easy to understand and it's really eye-opening. I'm surprised more SP members aren't talking about it. I might have to find a team or create one!

    1913 days ago
    I haven't heard of it or watched it, but definitely interested in checking it out! emoticon
    1913 days ago
    I heard about the book a few weeks ago, and started watching the documentary last night.
    It is very eye opening, what they say about the food industry and the chemicals makes so much sense.
    I borrowed the book Crazy, sexy diet from the library too, Kris Carr is part of the documentary.
    I did not think I ate too badly. Now I realise its much worse than I thought. emoticon
    1913 days ago
    I haven't watched this documentary (yet!) but I completely agree about all the crap that gets put into processed foods and how they make your body shut down all of its healing processes. It's great to stay informed!
    1913 days ago
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