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What is your peaceful "perfect" weight goal and WHY??

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Good Morning Sparkbuddies!!
I have a question for each of you and would appreciate your responses.
How do we determine what the "perfect" weight is for our bodies in a world filled with skinny models, BMI numbers and tons of articles that share differing viewpoints??
Sparkpeople has all the information and resources at our fingertips. My exercise room has all the right equipment. My refrigerator and the food store have all the right ingredients. And my effort and goals are coming together well.
The reality for me and for many of you is that when we mix all of these things together with the realities of life...medical issues, body type, hormones and life events to name a few...that the scale and the mirror and our ultimate goal weight do not always look "perfect"!!
So I am wondering what you each have done to find that weight that is just the weight that your body wants to be....the one that is healthiest and most natural for you. The one that is based on the realities of life, the realities of your body type and that may or may not fit in to the scale values of the "get skinny" world we live in.
I am exercising 6 days per week. I am eating healthy and logging my food. I have changed my lifestyle to one that is healthy overall and am so thankful for sparkpeople. I have lost 30 pounds and will continue to work on my health for the long run. I have seen amazing health benefits from my changes. I know that my body is healthier and I have more energy and I am very thankful. I want my body to be the healthiest that it can be.
Though I am going to continue to work toward a goal weight I am unsure what that number should be or whether knowing an exact number is important. The reaching of a number was never what was most important to me as I started this journey. I just wanted my health back and in my case wanted my bodies long term need for auto immune treatment to not result continuous weight gain. I have been and continue to be successful in meeting that goal.
So what have you each done to deal with this "perfect" weight goal question?? What issues have you dealt with along the way??
I would so appreciate any words of wisdom, encouragement, similar circumstances...and would love to know if you have found that place of peace with your body on this getting healthy road that we all are walking. I am working on some new goals for a new season of life and your thoughts would help me as I think this through.
Thanks Barb
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    Oh dear, you really gave me pause to think this over with care. As for me, my weight seems constantly in a state of flux. While I don’t expect to every be fully happy with my body, I’m lucky in that I can find “joy” wherever I am . . . but that doesn’t mean that I love the way I look. When I’m at goal or 22/23 BMI, I can lean forward and cringe at the prune effect there is in so much of my skin.

    I’m 20 lbs beyond the 22/23 BMI I desire again, and while I am comfortable where I am now, I know losing 6-8 lbs to return to a healthy BMI is a MUST, while I’d also love to be able to wear all those wonderful size 12 clothes that fit me when I lose 20 lbs. I know when I get there, I will never be fully happy with the way I look, but can find peace with the fact that I’ve taken care of the temple the Lord gave me. (Note to self, re-read this when you reach goal!) I take my personal responsibility and stewardship over all that I have choice over quite seriously. As long at the glory goes to God, all is well.

    I will never fully know what perfection is other than that I know God created us in his image (sometimes I have to say, “oh really?” in a bit of surface disbelief while I actually know better) and that we are fearfully and wonderfully made (Ps 139:14). I have to appreciate when I’ve done the best I can do, while following what I pray is the will of God.

    I pray that you find the place within a healthy BMI that best speaks to you without too much anxiety. You can do this! Stay strong, stay focused, and stay the course by living the healthy lifestyle. Hug, hug -- Evelyn
    1886 days ago
    Your blog speaks to me today. I've struggled with this question for a while now. I've set a goal weight based on a BMI chart, but I've had LOTS of people telling me I'd be too skinny if I lose the last 20 pounds I have left to get to my goal. I've even been told I'd look anorexic if I lose that much more weight. The conclusion I've come to is I have my annual well woman check up next month and I'm going to talk it over with my doctor. I'd still like to lose at least another 10 pounds and even the 20, but with all the feed back I've been getting, I really don't know. I seem to have a disconnect with the mirror too, yeah my face looks thinner but I'm having a difficult time seeing the other changes and I know they're there. I've gone from a 24 womens jean to a 12 misses, so somethings wrong with how I'm seeing myself. Afraid I wasn't much help, but you did help me to put my thoughts down.
    1914 days ago
  • PCOH051610
    Great blog ad even better question. emoticon
    1914 days ago
    Really good questions, and tough ones at that. I think this is something we all really need to think about. I know that with my body type, the healthy BMI top range has actually been too thin for me in the past, so I'm happy to weigh what I did when I first went into college. If I get below that, I'll be happy, but I know that I felt great, could wear whatever I wanted and looked great.
    1914 days ago
    I don't know that I've found that place yet; but here's my 2 cents. I'll say I'm there when I can wear what I want, do what I want and not run out of steam doing it. I'm not stuck on any particular number. What I really want to do is be able to just up and do anything I want. I'm trying really hard not to focus on any number. That seems to get me off track every time...

    When you find your answer, I'd love to hear your thoughts!
    1914 days ago
  • LYNCHD05
    I love this question. After two,years I am now in a healthy BMI range but I could be a little less to be in the middle. I totally don't believe that this is the only criteria for a healthy body. Someone can be slim and be very out of shape so there are lots of other things that come into the equation. One of the replies commented that clothes size is not a concern but for me I have to disagree. My clothes feel so much better on me and I love that I can try on new clothes and I like how they fit. It certainly makes shopping more fun.
    I went through a few years before my knee replacement where I was so limited in what I could do. And it feels so exhilarating to be able to push myself hard and my body can respond. I love exercising and feeling good and I hope my body will continue to cooperate. I am doing my part and it is up to another power for the rest..
    1914 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/27/2013 3:52:43 PM
  • LINDAF49
    Oh have asked the hard question of the day.
    The books all give me numbers around where i think I should be but it has been so long since I was that weight, I have no comprehension of what that will look like or feel like. I have been this weight give or take 15 pounds for over 30 years.

    What I have in my mind it to aim at 150# and then when I get there, begin trying on the wedding dress...when it fits nicely I will feel like I have arrived at a low ideal weight and plan to float around that 64...I don't know...just stepping out for health and mobility right now in reality but that is my dream ideal.

    Thanks for the question that helped me finally put this into words!

    1914 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/28/2013 5:17:02 PM
    I have always been an analytical person and when I started down this road I set me sites on a weight that would put me smack in the middle of my healthy BMI range. Then my dearest SparkFriend Jonnie (JAZZEJR) suggest I go for a weight that will put me about 2-3 lbs past my goal so that I could have a buffer that would fit my life style. So that is what I aimed for. Crazy as it sounds when I reached that new goal I kept losing so now I sit about 4 lbs below Jonnie's suggested goal and I have been within 1 of that weight up or down for over a year. It is very close to the weight I was at before I became pregnant with my first child and with my new obsession for brisk walking it is an easy weight for me to stay at. I still track my weight although my true goal is to always fit my new skinny jeans. I'm sure something will make my weight go up again whether it's a cruise (we have a 15 day one planned this year to celebrate our 40th anniversary) or just that my current fitness goals don't cut it anymore.

    I find myself now completely obsessed with fitness and healthier lower calorie eating. I am truly dismayed that now that I'm in maintenance mode I find myself evaluating peoples appearances. This is something I very rarely did before I started losing weight this time and I hate myself for doing it. My beloved sister and my beloved mother were both obese and my best friends from both high school and college are also obese.
    1914 days ago
    That's a tough one! There is the weight that i keep returning too, there is weight "i used to be" and there is the weight that should help me get thru life without too much stress on my joints and body.

    Using the mirror - i'm not a fan of my muffin top, but there is a smidge of a six pack that i can see when naked, i can climb 56 flights in under 15 minutes, but could i do it faster with the 20 less pounds that healthy bmi states i should be at...

    I am definitely a scale watcher and it keeps my type-A self on track day after day.

    I'm mostly happy with who i am, but could be happier with less of me to love.

    So i didn't really answer you question, but i love that you asked!

    1914 days ago
  • AMYJEAN911
    I'm on the same road you are, and I've decided there is no perfect weight. Its not a number, at least. My goal is a BMI in the healthy range, and to be strong enough and fit enough to do the activities I enjoy. I don't care what the scale says, or the size label says, but rather that I can take the stairs and still breathe, reach my shoelaces, and have energy to carry me through the day. :)

    1914 days ago
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