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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Now that I'm an official Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, I am not going to be down because the scale didn't move this week. Weigh-in: 144.4 (Stoopid scale). I mean, I know there were a few -- scratch that-- several days over the last 2 weeks when I didn't stay within my range, and my fitness goal lately has just been TEN MINUTES a day, which probably isn't going to make the scale move, and I know that.

BUT. Getting back to where regular exercise, even just ten minutes, is part of my daily routine, is a Very Good thing indeed, and I'm glad of it, and proud of it.

Some of my measurements have gotten smaller, too: hips, thigh, and upper arm. Win.

Oh, and I am wearing BELTS lately to keep my jeans from falling down. Belts! I haven't worn a belt probably in 15 years. And the belt I usually wear is not my husband's belt! Oh, no. It's a women's belt -- MY belt, from long ago. I find this fact inspirational every time I put the thing on! My size 12 jeans are too loose. SUPER WIN.

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