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On Track and Looking Forward to Saturday Weigh In!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

After work I made a huge pot of soup. Every few minutes I sat down and entered some ingredients in Spark People Nutrition Grouping. Yes it is time consuming and maybe next time I will have to change some quantities, as I was not following a recipe, but it’s a start to make tracking work for me in the long term.

This week in the 5% Challenge we are tracking our meals. When the soup is done I will measure the output so I can calculate how many calories per serving. Is it worth it? I think so. I have enough soup to last a week, so it will be easy to add it to my tracker.

I read thousands Spark of blogs and it’s a recurring theme, those that lose weight track nutrition. Do I want to lose weight? YES!!! And this time I mean it!!!

I have been following the postings in the 5% Food Tracking topic


A few comments really helped –

I find the whole concept of not tracking..... inconceivable! It is the single most important thing that enabled me to lose my weight.

If you dislike tracking, you may need to overcome that if you desire success at this.

Today I read zen habits: How To Make It Impossible To Fail - Maneesh Sethi


The jist of the article is -

How can you force yourself to build better habits? The secret is called precommitment, the process of making a promise, when you are in your sane state, that will prevent your tempted insane-emotional-id-self from doing something bad. Precommitment is the process of creating an enviroment that forces you to succeed - this failure-proof environemnt - is the key to any habit change.

An example was to set an appointment with someone else. It’s easy to not show up to the gym alone, but you’re much less likely to do so if it means disappointing your trainer or friend.

At the end of the day, it comes down to a decision — are you going to change your habits? Or are you going to live the same way you always have? We don’t need to use willpower. Instead, we need to build systems that force ourselves to succeed—without any possibility of failure.

While I was cooking I was thinking about what it meant to me.

1) Be positive that I can change
2) Don’t let negative people influence what I know is best for me
3) Be a doer, not just a planner
4) Reward myself (don’t know how yet)
5) Think of these changes as long term
6) Let the people in my support system know that I really appreciate them
7) Set up a daily schedule to follow regardless of where I am or what I am doing
8) Daily exercise early in the day
9) List my success factors – good sleep, exercise, etc.
10) Dress for success – sports clothes as much as possible
11) Meet Jeanette at the pool M/W/F

I am determined to lose weight and stay happy while I am doing it. emoticon
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