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Is Junk Food Addictive or Not?

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Recent research has suggested that eating junk foods,
namely those edibles containing high amounts of fat, sugar and salt,
can stimulate parts of the brain involved in seeking reward and pleasure.
In other words, eating that pint of ice cream is addictive in the same way that nicotine or other drugs are addicting.

SOME experts say it is NOT addiction but food preference
That has us going back to junk food, again and again.

The rats that stuffed themselves with unhealthy foods gained weight quickly.
And When researchers applied electric shock to rats for eating unhealthy choices,
the obese rats still preferred junk food regardless of the pain.
When researchers removed the junk food option and
gave the rats a healthier diet, the obese rats refused to eat.
Those rats starved themselves for TWO WEEKS after
they were cut off from junk food.

{…kind of reminds me of ME as I was trying to learn how to eat healthy…
I was a slow learner … It took me a lifetime…}

But does that mean people are addicted to these foods?
The study said NO.
"Consuming certain foods is fine as long as they are consumed in moderation
and not all the time. To enjoy these things occasionally is reasonable.
That's kind of balance we need to aim for."


Personally …. When I eat one of my trigger foods
like one of my ice cream melt downs
{…admit it…you knew that was coming..}
It takes me about TWO WEEKS to recover.

Just call me Minnie Mouse

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Made bean soup with chicken and a variety of aromatic veggies.
Did some Zumba
all is good emoticon
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