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The Bebe Shower (photos!!!)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Okay, so I finally got off my fat duff and did some photo editing (although not on Photoshop, I took the lazy way out and just used Picasa). I got a new blog up on the ol' recipe site. I'm planning some exciting things for that in the upcoming months, but I'll talk more about that on a blog that isn't about baby showers.

Just in case you missed it, though, go check out the new post (and start following!)

On to the baby shower.
It was last weekend, March 16. Or was that two weeks ago? Where is this month going?!?! Anyway, since it was so close to St. Pat's, that's the theme we went with. I wasn't the hostess of the party, but I did quite a bit to make sure it got done and went smoothly.

The night before, I made a potato salad and deviled eggs. My SIL did some rice crispy treats, but instead of using rice cereal, she used Lucky Charms (get it, leprechauns and pots of gold and other St. Pat's things!). She also made some cupcakes. I frosted them with frosting my mom made. She also made mustache lollipops. And my mom made chocolate cake pops. We arrived at the party early to help out with set up and whatnot, and I, of course, ended up in the kitchen. My brother and I cut up fruits and vegetables for trays. The main course was BBQ'd hamburgers and hotdogs. And there were chips and trail mixes to munch on. And truckloads of candy! Oh, and it was all genders, all ages included.

Now, I'm not a very girly girl. I'm not a big fan of dresses, really. I *hate* the color pink. I only wear makeup if I have to. I never style my hair, even when it's long enough to. So, the fact that I was the only one that thought of a game to play at the shower, is really pretty funny. It's like no one had ever gone to one before! So, we did the dirty diaper game. Which I designed and executed. My mom is pretty good at identifying her melty candy bars! My brother, who BOUGHT THE CANDY WITH ME, couldn't even remember what we bought and actually had a few things listed that we didn't even have! It was pretty hilarious!

We had gotten them a few gifts from their registry. And we just generally enjoyed the day. Had fun hanging out and enjoying everyone's company. Ate good food. Told the mom-to-be to get up and walk around... start jump roping if she needed to... She just had her baby at 8:50pm tonight! She had a boy, by the way...

Proud parents!

We ended the night pretty late and I ended up with a migraine! How weird was that? Worth it.
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