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Monday, March 25, 2013

So today I had 2 appointments. One with the doc, and the other with the dietician. I had a good appt with the dietician; she said my bs levels looked good, and so did my food. She asked about the couple of high ones I had - whether they were oops days (they mostly were, except for my sick days the las couple, but she said that's normal. She actually listened to me about the magnesium, and looked into it. She said it looked like it could be one of 2 things - either a little low from being sick so often, or a bit high from all the tums, which are mostly calcium and magnesium. So I'm gonna try to keep track of that for a few days. It was nice to actually be treated like I wasn't a moron! :) She said once I deliver I can stop so the 4x. Day test (yea!!) and that at either the 6 or 12 week postpartum visit they'll redo the glucose test - the drink the nasty stuff one. Boo. Hopefully it'll be fine and ill be done with all of that!!

I'm still struggling with whatever bug I've had - my guess is the after effects of a day of food poisoning - so I elected to stay close to the hospital so I didn't have to walk far to the obs. Ended up staying at the cafeteria. Yea for wifi!

On to appt #2. Baby looks good, he's head down and I'm starting to get ready for labor. Now, I've been sick for the last few days, so I fully expected a weight loss. Nope, I gained 4 lbs!! No weekly lecture for me for once, which was good, but I can't imagine how I gained 4 lbs in 1 week when half my food isn't staying down! I didn't ask the doc tho; the weight had been too much of an issue for me to want to discuss it, especially. When I don't feel well.

She looked at my bs #s too, and wasn't happy. The last 2 days - the days I've been sick - I've been a little high- like between 10& 20 points. Apparently it didn't matter that the Dietician said that was normal when your sick. She's saying that if this is like this next week, she's gonna want to put me on meds. Uh, excuse me? Why am I going to a Dietician if the doc is going to discount her reccomendation? I'm going to fight like hell to stay off the meds. I'm so close to delivering, and I've been sick. If this were becoming a trend and I wasn't sick, that would make more sense.

So, a mixed day, but mostly good. Now to track what little activity I did- I forgot my fitbit! - and have some supper. Night all!
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