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Why I decided to become a weight loss coach

Monday, March 25, 2013

I initially became a weight loss coach as a way to reach children and help them live healthier more fit lives. I was/am a teacher and work with children on a daily basis. My passion lies deep with the health and well-being of children. I want to work with children and their families. I want children to have supportive, healthy families that actively participate in their lives with them.

I started my weight loss journey and actually found that I liked working out and felt great after every workout. I wanted to help others feel this way as well. I wanted to be able to support them in their fitness journeys. I initially got my personal training certification to help my knowledge base so that I could help others. My plan was to go back to get my certification in pilates. I really do like those exercises and found they helped my back a lot. They also helped me lead my way into my love of working out. I was given an opportunity to share everything that I had learned about fitness and the nutrition that goes along with it to create the perfect weight loss plan as a teacher on a healthy living website (SparkPeople). I thoroughly loved every moment of these classes. I was able to support others on their weight loss journeys, give them advice when needed and help them create a plan that worked for them.

One of my friends (Sparkgirl32) who was also doing this suggested that I would make a good life coach. I had never thought about that before. I know I liked coaching softball, teaching students and sharing the best strategies that I found for losing weight. I pondered that new idea for some time. Then it dawned on me, that it was a perfect way to combine all my loves into one. I could really have it all. I had the means to combine everything that I loved doing into one...what a perfect way to live!

Deciding to take this path has really pushed me to become more confident in my abilities and believe in myself even more. I knew that I had the knowledge, just wasn't sure if it was good enough to share with the world. What I have discovered is that it is. It may feel at times that it is something that everyone already knows, but the truth is that I had to learn it so there is some one else out there who needs it as new information as well. I want to share my successes with the world and how I turned my failures into learning/teaching moments that led to great opportunities of success. I want to give families a way to reconnect on a deeper, healthy living level that allows them to actively participate in life together. It is all about the bond between parent and child and how that bond can become stronger than anything. Children need great role models in this tough, tough world. Adults are just that. I want to see a world where children are healthy because they have had fabulous role models to look up to.

The underlying motive for creating this business is to help children live healthy lifestyles with parents/guardians who actively participate in their lives. I have a deep love and compassion for children. They really seem to strike my heart at an extremely deep level. I am hurt by their hurts, saddened by their sadness, saddened by the lack of parental connection, amused by their intricate worlds and fulfilled by their happiness. I am an empathic person and find that I truly make deep connections with children. I have always noticed that I connected with them on a deeper level and could feel what they wanted or needed more than my colleagues. I had always found myself being put in the situation where the child needed extra tenderness or a more firm hand that was still able to show love and caring. Many of these situations have come up over the years and I didn't really make the connection until a couple years ago. It is because I have a deep connection with the. I feel I am connected to the world on a deep level and children are the gateway to that world.

I have worked in early childhood and seen first hand the simple lack of knowledge that some parents have about health, nutrition and fitness for themselves, let alone their children. Childhood obesity and obesity in general are kind of like the plague. People want to avoid them. It is like a sin to talk about them. They are extremely sensitive topics for all involved. They just need someone with a firm yet loving and caring hand to help guide them. It is really about the education. Parents and children, alike need to be more education on how to live that healthy lifestyle and even more on how to live it together.
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