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Monday, March 25, 2013

I lost 5 lbs the week before practicum started. Usually I lose weight during my classes and gain it back during practicum. This time, my classes completely stressed me out and I ended up not losing any weight and crawling up to my highest weight ever. Once all my classes were finished, on March break, I was not particularly choosing healthier food or changing to healthier habits. Because of the lack of stress, I started losing. I got my earbuds but did not take a picture until today. I do have my regular floor length pic but here in Sydney, I can not find the cord to my camera so this picture will have to do for now.

I am soon going to meet the next reward which is a new outfit, but I am not buying anything during practicum. I might earn the reward here, but will wait until I get home to buy it. I want to make sure that I have the money to get home at the very least and really do not have a lot of extra room. I will more than likely need a new outfit for summer anyway.

You know you're 80's old school when you've ever said "I pity the fool..." Wow. That brings back memories. I loved Mr. T. I was such a tomboy growing up. I remember one year someone bought me a Barbie for Christmas. I couldn't believe I got a Barbie. I decided to cut her hair into a mowhawk like Mr. T and was totally devastated to find that the hair was inserted in a circle around her head. I ended up taking a little chunk of left over carpet and glued it to her head so she had her mowhawk. Another thing was that a number of us in the neighbourhood would ride bikes and play The A Team. Tarky would be Mr. T, Matthew would be Hannibal, Robbie would be Face, and I would be Murdock. When you are the one girl trying to prove you can play with the boys, you take the roll you are given. I had lost touch with everyone when I moved back to the country but I heard an add on the radio that Tarky and his band were playing at a local bar. My Dad actually showed him how to play a few chords on the guitar but later he ended up taking lessons from another friend of mine so it doesn't surprise me that he has a band. Last year when I was in the first year BEd program Matthew's little brother Morgan was in the second year BEd program. It was crazy to see him because I knew him when he was three or four years old. Now he is married and has a three or four year old himself. Crazy.
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