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Day 7 after Excess Skin Removal Surgery

Monday, March 25, 2013

Glad to say I am finally regular again! I mean as in BM! I know TMI! When I went to see my Dr at my first post-op visit he was very happy with how I was handling the surgery. I had a circumferential abdominoplasty and inner thigh lift. He wanted to know how the pain was and how I would rate it from 0 (no pain) to 10 (excruciating pain). I said 0 , then asked if I was abnormal in regards to the pain. He said yes I was definitely abnormal. The reason why I didn't have a lot of pain was the simple fact that my body was ready for the surgery. He meant that I have been exercising and strength training for years. So, if you are even contemplating such an undertaking heed my advice and literally do the foot work! I had no idea that doing all the exercise and strength training would help me with the pain. I had no idea! I have discomfort periodically and it's always with the staples. I started on two pain pills every 4 hours and have been taking 1 every 8-10 hours for the last 3 days or so.
The surgery lasted 5 hours. When he came out to talk to my sister, she said he was exhausted, he told her that it would be a long recovery period for me and that was because my skin was stretched so thin. He said I would be wearing this body stocking (crotchless) for at least a month. I go in for my 2nd post-op visit tomorrow morning. He will probably take out the drains (two). I don't know what else will happen during the visit but I will keep you posted.
BTW I don't know how if anyone that is working would be able to tolerate this type of operation. I am retired and live with my sister and brother-in law. So I have excellent built in help for after surgery care. I wouldn't even begin to think about driving a car yet. There are a lot of limitations on what and how you do things. I have decided to follow my doctor's instructions to the letter. I want this investment I have made to pay off with big dividends! ( I just want to look good in clothes without all the rolls showing) When I was at that first visit Doctor asked me what I thought of their handiwork. I told him I hadn't really looked at it yet. (not sure if I didn't want to see all the staples or what) However, I did take a sneak peek while I was standing there in the altogether while he was examining the staples and incisions and such. I had to take a second look to make sure it was me in the mirror. I had to give it a WOW! Yeah I think I will like the results!
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