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Reality of Life and Death - Hitting Too Close

Monday, March 25, 2013

I am so sleepy today, I can hardly keep my eyes open. I have trouble with Sunday nights getting to sleep. I think it's psychological though, because the only thing different than other nights is the dreaded Monday following! Well, hopefully soon, that won't be a problem. Yep, I turned in my application for Voluntary Separation Incentive Pay (VSIP). That means, if it's approved, I can offically retire with an added fiscal bonus to boot. But if I'm not approved, as I've said before, that's OK. I'll just wait & go at the end of the year with just a little extra monthly annuity. So either way is a win-win. I'll just have to work for it a little longer if it doesn't get approved.

On to a completely different subject:

The week has ended on a sad note. We've lost another victim in the local area to another car accident. A very nice young man, about the same age as my son. Reports are that he and his wife were just leaving their home for a shopping errand and got hit by a vehicle that had hydro-planed. The young man's wife was seriously injured with several broken bones and the other driver was killed also. I knew the young man because he was who had bought my dad's business for a short time about two years ago. He sold it after a few months, but that's how I had met him; and he's from a town near where I live and we have mutual acquaintances. Just so sad. It really hits close and it makes me realize, that could be my own child. It was the type of thing that can happen to anybody.

We live in such a fragile world. We're just like a bird chirping it's music in the springtime, enjoying life and the beauty of it, until your flying along and the grill of an SUV hits you and you never even knew what hit you. I say that because that's what happened just yesterday. I can't shake the memory. Just like a baby gazelle, frolicking in the fields of Africa, and know the rest. I know this is a downer, maybe even a bit morbid, but just want to remember how fragile, yet wonderful life is. Take each moment for the beauty that it is. Tell your friends, family and loved ones you love them. Spend quality time with them as much as you can. Love those who are old. They have been blessed.

Anyway...I am seeing so many things like this lately. Seems like drivers have become so reckless. I don't know what it is. Maybe distractions like texting, impatience at quitting time, faster speeds, more cars on the road, and simple reckless behavior, people believing they are invincible. It just takes a second.

And on to another note...more along the lines of what this website is actually all about...

I gained a pound or two this weekend. Have to stay on this diet (actually, it's a new way of eating for life, not really a "diet") and not give up. I've got to get back to working on better meals at home, and less eating out. I was doing good for a while with my lunches, but I've gotten back in the habit of going out for lunch to a fast-food restaurant. I can't discipline myself enough to not go out and get a Taco Bell cheese wrap or something similar. I am going to go get a salad with it, but the one I'm wanting has rice in it. My only weapon at the moment is to only eat a small portion of it. I did better Saturday when I ate half a bacon sandwich. I left off the chips as a side and had my fruity frozen mousse recipe that I had made and keep in the freezer. It was good and good for me. So that's a plus I think. Little bits, little bits...

I guess, what I'll do is search some of the Sparkpeople recipes along with my Denise Austin book and start some new and improved meal planning.

I got in a couple more days that I exercised. Strength training, weights, situps and curls; also 30 minutes of Get Fit Dance Routines.
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