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Finished my longest run yet! Had a Good weekend!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Well I had a great weekend! I didn't really have many plans, I just knew that I had an 8 mile run coming my way.

I am a week into my anti-anxiety meds and things have been going pretty good! I had a couple side effects starting out, and I know it's not fully kicked in yet, but I feel okay for the most part. I was very fidgety at first and had some slight shaking and a little unwarranted anxiety, but that died down after like day 4. Otherwise for the most part physical side effects have been minimal so far. Mentally I have been feeling good- I am able to relax, do nothing and not feel guilty about it! My anxiety has died down- I had a slight flare up last night when I was watching TV with Josh, but it went away very quickly. Today I feel good- it IS a Monday so I don't have grand expectations anyway lol. I am actually feeling very much like me. And that's kind of a huge thing for me because I haven't felt this.... calm, happy or peaceful in months. And still Josh has been the most amazing support system I could ask for, and he still loves me through it all.

OKAY so enough mental BS! Listen- this weekend I accomplished a couple of huge things. I missed my workouts Wed and Thursday so on Friday Josh and I made a pact that we would both hit the gym before coming home and spending the night watching movies and eating popcorn. It was SOOO hard to face the gym and getting all sweaty on a Friday after a boring work day. But I got myself there and had a new PR for 4 miles of 46:08!! Hoorah!!

Saturday I was supposed to run, but I needed a day off, plus I had plans at 12 and didn't get up till 10:30 lol. Then I went to a thing downtown called the Pet Expo- not as good as it sounds, however! I did hold a baby croc! Pic below. Then I had 3 beers, split a boneless wings meal w/ Josh and we hit the grocery train before getting home at 6. Then we kind of did our own thing that night. My throat was killing me all day and I felt like a cold was taking over, I was so tired! So I laid on the couch all night :)

Sunday- I got my butt up, ate some cereal, swung my legs and hips around, drove to the gym and attempted my scheduled EIGHT MILE RUN. Ladies and gents- I finished it. I had my head in the game!! The highest time the treadmill would go is 90 minutes, so since I can't run 8 miles in 90 minues I stopped after finishing 6 miles and reset it to run the last two. So I only stopped once, and finished 8 miles in 1 hour, 38 minutes. HELLLOOOO!!! That's the most i've ever ran in my life. And for the first time it wasn't my lungs that were dying, it was my legs, especially my hamstrings.

But I finished strong and wanted to WHOOP WHOOP, but did so in my head. I settled for strutting around in what probably looked like a chicken in all my sweat and glory.

Next week is another 8 miler, then I amp it up to 10 miles. Ouch... it's gonna be tough, especially if I'm outside. I need to get a water system somehow. and find a better snack than gummy bears- they're hard to chew!

Josh has decided to give up the keto diet and do low calorie again, it's too hard to do AND have a social life. He's very motivated right now- and it's helping me. I did fairly well this weekend with eating and drinking so I am hoping to maybe be down to 206/205 on Weigh in Wednesday. We got so many healthy foods when we went grocery shopping, I CANT let myself get off track at work!

God I can't wait for SPRING!!!!

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