Day 11 & 12 (3/23 & 3/24)

Monday, March 25, 2013

3/23 Saturday:
75 minutes of exercise (30 treadmill, 45 walking 1.5 miles)
1561 calories (oops)
7 fruits & veggies
10 cups of water

After work, I ate that pizza hubby ordered. Went over calories by 61 but it was sooooo good. Following that, I had absolutely no energy! I laid on the couch to rest my back and hips...fell asleep, then slept all night. So I didn't get the extra 30 on the treadmill. emoticon

3/24 Sunday:
60 minute 2 mile walk
1530 calories (oops)
7 fruits and veggies
10 water

Absoslutely no ambition to get on the treadmill. My hips could not bear the thought of the incline. So I just mildly walked 2 miles instead of killing my hips more. We didn't get any snow until after dark, but my body (arthritis) could feel it coming in. So I had to listen to it.

Today, I know why my body was so upset with me. Waking to 7-8 inches of wet, heavy snow was not my idea Monday. At 4:30 am I was out shoveling an area for my dog to go potty. Hubby left for work @ 5:30. At 8:30 am I was shoveling out my car to go get gas for the snow blower. There seemed to be 12 inches of snow on my windshield and top of my car.

I got back, and started it up. 2 parking spaces and the sidewalk took me 40 minutes. The snow was so wet I had to take it down by layers. I am really feeling that the fitness tracker rates snow blowing by light fluffy snow, not wet heavy snow. Not only that, but it was packed where I had to force my way out of my parking spot. The snow plow had packed me in. Hubby was gone before the snow plow and he has 4 wheel drive. So it was no issue for him.

There was no sign of anyone out except 2 older guys getting their spots cleaned out. It is as if everyone is hibernating. I guess we are suppose to get some more throughout the day, but the bulk of it is done for now. I may not even get on the treadmill today. I got such a workout with snow that I am pooped.

Well, off to catch up on house work after working and sleeping the weekend away. emoticon
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