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Monday, March 25, 2013

I woke hurting, slept poorly but am going to make this a good day. I am getting a tad dissapointed as this past week has been pain and doesn't seem to be a change in sight. Prior I was getting to 3-5 with some 8-9 but now it is back to 8-10 not all day but when I hurt I really am hurting. Oh well, wil keep at it and see. I don't go back to naturopath till mid april. I do go to chiro tomorrow. But money is running out so not sure then. I would love to be the type to just say I have to find the money but if it isn't there it isn't there. I also am concerned cos of long term. This am while talking with a spark friend, I said wish in a way they would pay me out enough or just keep paying me and I could dissapear for while. Can't wait till we go to the trailer for while.
Meanwhile I am thankful that my back isnt sore all day, and I haven't fallen with this knee yet, nearly again this am but nope so good. I have stuff to do today around here, don't think we have anywhere to go, so will tidy up and such. Tomorrowe chiro at 11, and wed at 9 am gp apt. who wants a pap at 9 am! LOL
HUGS and I feel like going to bed, so tired......... but am going to go dust.
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