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King and I...

Monday, March 25, 2013

My daughter is a weasel. I've known that ever since she first turned her puppy dog eyes on me and got me to...do anything. She's been weaseling me so long I can't remember the first thing she got by doing it. One time on GOBA, when she was on the back of Eve (my tandem), we had a flat. Normally, I would take care of it myself, but we were within spitting distance of the lunch stop, so we just walked the bike to one of the mechanics supporting the ride. First, he said it was going to be $5 for the tube and $5 for labor. That was cool. By the time he got done fixing it for me, it was free. Once we were a couple miles down the road, I asked Thing 2, "did you use puppy dog eyes on him?". She said yes, she had and had thrown in a fake sob for good measure. I then lectured her on only using her power for good...and to save me money.

Recently, a drummer, a pushover for a father, and a bored teenage daughter found some hair spray and a camera. Puppy dog eyes came out and this resulted:

Like I said, she's a weasel. And the drummer is my brother in law. I can't win. And yes, that is my hair. The only effect added was the coloring.

The last 10 days or so have been incredibly rough and very dark. So my daughter introduced me to King.

My daughter is a junior in a Vet Assissting program at the local vocational school. The SPCA sends them animals to care for and King is on such creature. He's a 4 year old, coonhound mix. Over Spring Break, Thing 2 is fostering him. Thing 1, Thing 2, my ex, and I all agree on this: King is the sweetest dog we've ever met and either my ex or I should adopt him. 2 things here: 1) neither my ex nor I am in a position to adopt a dog. 2) My ex and I NEVER agree on anything...the color of the sky, time of day, raining or not...we refuse to agree on anything. Dr. Michio Kaku as cited our constant state of disagreement as one of the balancing forces that holds the universe together and has stated that if we ever agree there is the extremely high liklihood of all matter disintegrating and all existence being wiped out.

I've been playing with King alot. Friday, in the separate walks, we covered about 6.3 miles. Saturday, we hit the trails in the woods for 1.56 miles. We're buds.

In the last 10 days, a huge hole my heart has appeared and King has gone a long way to filling it. After spring break, King goes back to school with my daughter. And I start trying to figure out how to get into a house or pet friendly apartment.
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