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How Am I Doing? (10 weeks ~ and 88/100)

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Back on Jan 13 2013 I began a 10-week challenge connected to my company's 10% weight loss challenge. Ten weeks is done today. I'm down 14 pounds... or just a tad under 5%... or about 50% of my goal. Disappointed. Sad. Want to give up. But I won't - I do not give up!!!

I've reached Day 88 of my Personal 100-Day Self-Improvement Plan. There were 7 specific items I was going to be working on. I'm happy to say ALL 7 points have seen some improvement! Still about 2 weeks left and I will continue to work on all 7 areas. Other than the above disappointment, I feel good about the progress. Overall, I'm seeing results, progress, and feeling better about myself and my direction in this journey.

Also, I'm finding that I really DO LIKE Spark Coach! emoticon
Back in December when I did a 1-week trial I had mixed feelings about paying for it to continue (and the decision was actually made by my lack of funds at that time). Earlier in March I pre-ordered the new Spark Solutions book (1. I loved what I read about it. 2. I liked the bonus offers that came with it (including 3-mos free Spark Coach & 2 DVDs). 3. I had the funds to buy the book then.). It took me another week or so to find the right way to prove my purchase, but as soon as I did I got back into Spark Coach!

One week was a "taste" of what it does. My 1st week back seemed "typical" or ordinary. Towards the end of 2 weeks I'm realizing that I'm developing a fondness for checking in each day. I'm anticipating what Coach may have in store for me! I'm paying more attention to what I'm eating ~ is 'this' going to blow my fat % for the day? is 'that' going to put me over for my calories? have I eaten enough protein yet for the day? And I do the same thing when it comes to tracking my Fitness Minutes ~ does 'this' count for my exercise or activity tracking? what else can I do for a 10-minute burst of activity? and so on. I'm actually working on creating a "vision board" and I have a little notebook where I jot down stuff to journal or blog about later when I have some free time for writing.

What that boils down to - for me, anyway (can I be the only one?) - I didn't begin to really know the benefits of having Spark Coach until at least 2 weeks into using it daily. "They" say it take 21 days to create a new habit. Some "others" say it takes 6 weeks to make a new habit really stick and get past that point where you sort of fight it still, getting to that point where you just do it, where it's no longer something you think about before doing it. So, I, for one, am REALLY, REALLY, REALLY happy that I'm getting 3 MONTHS FREE and at this time I feel it's very likely that I will find a way to pay for it after that (this is what SP wants, isn't it? lol) at least as long as I'm on this journey to recover my health and attain a good weight for my body.

Who knows... perhaps this will lead to more and more frequent blogging from me too!
emoticon emoticon emoticon
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