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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Yup...a blog about nothing. BUT, it's been a very long time (in fact almost five months) since since I've checked in on here. It's been a confusing few months. So here goes:

I am a lover of comforts...ugh, a bad thing in this case. We got tons of snow and ice this year, which resulted in my (and my dogs) run schedule getting REALLY messed up. So much so, that we've all learned to sleep in (a habit that is now hard to break). So Ms. Echo and I have both suffered some unfortunate gains (4 lbs a pc..which is a ton for a border collie, but I digress). You see, when border collies, aussies and catahoulas don't run...they do, just IN your house! So, tomorrow the alarm clock is set for 3:45am...we'll see what happens. Ms. E and I are not going to do our typical run; instead we are going to go out to our grounds and train agility (both human and canine). Well, that's the plan anyway. Besides, her listening abilities in the ring have greatly declined...we could use the practice.

My schedule otherwise is incredibly hellish. I've been working 10-12 hours a day and then have class (training) and symphony on some nights. I've actually missed so many days of symphony because of work (or just pure exhaustion following work) that I'm very surprised that they've not yet asked me to sit this concert out (they may yet). Additionally, I my commitment to my golf league is due this week. I've been sitting on it because I'm not sure I want to commit the time (really, it's one evening a week??). Other things that suffer are really my housekeeping abilities. I HATE having to do 12 loads of laundry on the weekend because I just didn't have the time earlier in the week. I am thankful that we don't get many visitors and those that do visit are very understanding. I am kinda a neat freak, so this bothers me on several levels. see how it is difficult to get a blog written? I don't have much to write about...really? Let's see, three major snow storms (ah, that's nothing in WI), a lady crashed her car into the neighbor's house, a SparkFriend is being published, my brother got engaged....I mean there's lots that has happened Sometimes I think that I am a little too private and then other times I think, who cares? Who cares about the little stuff that happens in my life...very little is exciting and even the stuff that I find exciting, I always question what others would think. It's why I don't tweet.

Biggest excitement this week (truly, it made me cry)...and this is how boring I am: I have been struggling with scalp issues since I was a pre-teen. About five years ago, my doctor finally prescribed something that worked, however the price rose fiercely and my insurance company only covers 30% and only one a month. It's now a $400 drug and if I stretch it, I can make it last two weeks. So with my insurance and a $50 manufacturer coupon (which I only first learned about in December) my cost is $250...after I meet my deductible (but I do meet it pretty quickly after I get my first dose, LOL). The worst part is that just as it starts working, I run out and the symptoms get worse. Anyhow, at $250, there are months when I just go without, because we have to...just can't afford it. So for the past two months, we have experimented with alternatives, because there is no generic; nothing worked. I called my doc on Thursday to find out when my next appointment was in hopes that I might get a referral to a dermatologist, who might have some better ideas. In the meantime, they stated that they would call the prescription in again. So, yesterday, I went to pick it up. As I got to the drive up of my pharmacy, I THEN realized that my manufacturer coupon had expired last month, I'm gonna owe $300. I gave the pharmacist my name and he went to retrieved my prescription and then asked for...$1.07. What? $1.07 At that point I figured he had to have the wrong script, but he held up what I could clearly read was the chemical name of the drug...A GENERIC!! At $1.07!! I was suddenly $298.93 richer...that's more than my husband's car payment...more than my student loan payment. OH...and the other news...I can get it every two weeks!

So you see, this is why I don't blog often...Seinfeld was much better at making shows about nothing.

Happy Spring ya'll!
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    Oh my - now that's a busy life you have there! I haven't blogged in a while either(I've been thinking about it) but I would have jumped off the deep end already if I had your crazy busy schedule. Yikes! And Yay to cheap meds! I absolutely hate it when stuff ends up costing much more than I thought (my brakes 2 weeks ago cost over $200 more than I was expecting...ouch!) but when it's way less - now that's a happy suprise AND you get to feel better too! Woohoo! I laughed out loud at the funny at the bottom - glad to see someone else has my kind of sense of humor - heehee! Give those dogs a rub for me!
    3039 days ago
    That's pretty amazing about the prescription! Your blog about nothing was really about a lot and it IS very interesting, and I DO like to hear what is going on your life:)
    I don't quite get the picture though??? I know it is meant to deter drug use, but the message I got was to take them up on their offer because they are expensive. I am a little confused:)
    3041 days ago
    Wow you are a busy girl! I sure do hope you are taking a moment for you! So glad to hear your script went down in price. emoticon

    3042 days ago
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