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Oh Boy!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

I have so much I wanted to write but I feel I need to limit it my words so that I may catch up on some serious sleep.

Well, I am back at home. And whether or not anyone else will admit it there, are three things I always miss when I am away from home. My husband, my dog, and my toilet. (not necessarily in that order!) No two are alike and it never feels like home until you have shown all three how much you have missed them!

This last week has been a roller coaster of emotions. It has been a true whirlwind kind of week. I think the medical issues I have seen with in my family and close friends this week has blown my medical mind and shows our world moving toward a dangerous state of health. I have seen triple bypass surgery, a highly contagious viral syndrome that attacks urinary tract system to point of renal failure, a 26 year old with colon cancer, 36 year old with accidental traumatic death at work place (lumberjack accident), 3 infants with croup, 29 year old with anaphalactic shock after receiving benadryl, a fatal heart attack at age 41, and another with massive heart attack and stroke at age 52, an autistic child (age 7) with self inflicted head trauma in a coma, and finally an 80 year old with anorexia so bad she was admitted a weight of 84 lbs and she is 5'7'' (hiding weight underneath 3 pairs of sweats). Oh boy. it has been a hard week. Thank God 90% of my family believe in God and are in active prayer chains. With the exception of the fatal incidents and the anorexic, they have been released from the hospital and are in good condition. The two fatalities were active in their church and their faith! Praise God!

I have been working with counselor on my life after fifty and I believe I have come up with a great new game plan for what I want to do when I grow up! While discussing my going back to school and leaving the medical field, I have hit an emotional high for my future. I am going to obtain my small business degree so that I may own and run my own yarn shop. I was told by my counselor that I will be eligible for for financial assistance in opening my shop, based of dual minority status (woman and greater than 50% disabled veteran). She also discussed internship possibilities as part of my degree and that they also can be partially funded by VA. I was even able to add to the potential places to do the internships. One in yarn fabrication; from shearing the sheep to dying the wool and spinning the yarn. And the other in a small yarn shop in a neighboring town. It was all so exciting!

On a sadder note, I weighed 3 lbs heavier when I got home. It was for my weekly weigh in that was due on Friday. But I am not holding myself down for this. I am happy it wasn't more. This past week was a strain on my dietary habits, my exercise goals and my willpower!

SO, over all, I can see a silver lining in the clouds over my head and I know the sun is still shining despite the rain. Glimpses of rainbows have been visible on the horizon and my boat is still afloat on the sea of despair! My life jacket is buoyant and keeping me afloat. I will see the storm through! I will emerge victor in this battle of my life! I am exited to see the potential as the rainbow presents fully after the rain!

Good bye for now. My week starts again tomorrow, Monday the first day of the rest of my life!
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