Gluten and Me 5 years later

Sunday, March 24, 2013

I am not a celiac from doctors’ description of my condition just an intolerant. My hindsight has uncovered, since finding how my body responds to gluten, a lot of intolerance of many other things. Here are the events that opened my eyes…
I stood crying to my MD of endocrinology. She had been my health confidante of over a decade of trust. I broke that trust when I declared I knew more facts about my immediate case than she did. I presented her with my findings in published books and confirmation from a different type of medical professional. Her response was to tell me to go home and rest. Then she proceeded to delete my account and shred my medical file as a valid oops. She was instrumental in getting me fired by sharing confidential facts to a corporate parent company representative. That was12 years of my health records under she care. Lawyers advised me that I could not get recourse of malpractice from neglect. Her power was strong and discouraged other community medical professionals to avoid me as a new patient as a complicated multi-syndrome case. Then I turned my search elsewhere.

I found this reality. And I quote from within the pages of this 2006 publication:
The Gluten-Free Diet:
An Update for Health Professionals
Carol Rees Parrish, R.D., M.S., Series Editor

Currently, the only treatment for CD is a life-long
gluten-free diet (GFD). Strict avoidance of wheat, rye,
and barley and their derivatives (Table 1) will result in
intestinal healing and relief of symptoms for the majority
of individuals with CD. Although the diet ultimately
brings about greater well-being, it requires a significant
amount of effort and commitment, especially in the
•[PDF] The Gluten-Free Diet: An Update for Health Professionals - Medicine ...
http:// www.medicine.virginia.ed
u / clinical / departments / medicine / divisions / digestive-health / nutrition-support-team / nutrition-articles / Sept0601.pdf -
- similar pages THE CELIAC DIET, SERIES #1. Nixie Raymond ... Shelley Case, B. Sc., .... Adapted from Case, Gluten-Free Diet: A Comprehensive Resource Guide, 2006 ( 29) ...
I went through the most handsome list of foods of threat or harmony in my gut. I got it from the Gluten-Free Diet: a Comprehensive Resource 2006. I give my thanks to Nixie Raymond, Jenny Heap and Shelly Case for my benefit for compiling just such a global list then placing it online. Most of the odd foods can be had in international market places if not from a local common grocery outlet. Here goes…

I first explored the obvious no-no’s to see how I acted and reacted as a journal gathering step. Woe is me. The acted is mentioned because some of my past no-no’s are redundant little monsters that beg me to say, “Thank you, sir, can I have another!” Deliberately hurting my self was an eye opener. My health recovery of gut repair is largely due to my acquiring this information. I could have learned to say ‘ouch’ in ten languages I am so focused of finding a pain free diet and getting back into my life. What is Fu and what is Seitan; for me being quite the foodie these I am not familiar with. Let’s just say yes I agree these are not my friends. Each and every –darn- one except fu and seitan has proven to me and my doctors to be that these are no longer my friends, through journal discussions. It is the little known details that silently scream and recovery becomes necessary.

The left side list of Table 1in this very informative publication of gluten free guiding me in potential choices was viewed with wide -yes wide- eyes of hope. Not all of the alternative to classic diet starches will stay in my diet. Some are no longer my preferred options as well. My eyes are not so wide with hope any more that theses foods are for me. The left side list of table 1 is only known to be gluten free; I however have more than one intolerance or allergy.
I will use the alphabetized listing pattern they provide…
Amaranth wonderful;
Lately I avoid anything flour nut seed bean like garbanzo bean or Fava bean mesquite or teff flours for many cooking food processing and woes of digestion reasons. They tend to make my liver sluggish for starters and other unsavory results appear. Buckwheat corn Fava flax hominy millet nutmeats oats peas’ potato might always remain on my too much pain and poor body digestion to appreciate re-adding these to my diet.
Quinoa magical;
Rice is miraculous for versatile shapes textures and flavors I enjoy. I Can Eat This although a bit redundantly; Puffed streamed steel cut like Rice and Shine of some fame, whole grain in a variety of rainbow colors from black red brown green sweet sticky wild jasmine and basmati and the grain size can vary too. My love is there in the many pasta shapes; they have specialty meal potential; wow. This is about the only processed food I eat!
Do you understand the term glutinous rice? Not my friend either. I know this because I tried but no explanation of why or how yet.
Sago I am still not sure.
Sorghum and soy in any form are a definite no, not a friendly food with genuine side effects of aches and reduction of certain organ function causing more pain wit elusive results. And the last two recommended foods as alternatives for similar nutritional support of tapioca maniac, cassava, and yucca are still being researched in me. And the last one on this amazing list is teff. I have intolerant issues that may delete this little beauty from my “Yes; I can eat this” list. But as a grain I am still looking and challenge diet testing.

So if you are new to this gluten-free thing, by choice or doctor required, my own food list yeses are so much less than just eating and acting gluten-free. For comfort I found hope and decent answers in this great celiac resource written by authors that know the celiac diet well. Thank you to the Celiac Diet series #1 continued from page 68 but listed on page 73 of the 2006 edition. Through this I write some facts from 5 years of self research. Take the steps do the research on yourself. Do for yourself the things the doctors cannot do for you and feel the change soul deep.

•[PDF] The Gluten-Free Diet: An Update for Health Professionals - Medicine ...
.edu / clinical / departments / medicine / divisions / digestive-health / nutrition-support-team / nutrition-articles / Sept0601.pdf - similar pages THE CELIAC DIET, SERIES #1. Nixie Raymond ... Shelley Case, B. Sc., .... Adapted from Case, Gluten-Free Diet: A Comprehensive Resource Guide, 2006 ( 29) ...
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  • M77355
    I'm so sad for what you were put through! I hope there will be some recourse for you . Thankfully you have been an excellent health detective (as I'm trying to be regarding West Nile Fever) and will be better able to revive and sustain your health in the future.
    Wishing you "wellth"
    3004 days ago
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