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My plan to get back on track - Starting now

Sunday, March 24, 2013

I have been skating for too long. I need to get back on track, and do so NOW. I have evaluated what it will take to get me back on track.

1. I need to reduce/deal with the stress. At this point in time, this will be very difficult but I am going to look for ways to deal with the stress.
a. Take 20 deep breaths, 2 times a day.
b. Stretch all over muscles after a warm up every day.
c. 1-10 minute exercise routine a day. Beginning with a bike ride or a Spark Video, or a few minutes of Zumba DVD (that my good friend Nancy gave me)
d. Make a daily schedule at the beginning of everyday, but be flexible as to not derail my day if something has to change.

2. Stop the racing around running errands and grabbing fast food.

3. Begin each day with drinking 8 ounces of water before ANYTHING else in the morning.

4. Drink 1 less cup of coffee a day.

5. Stop drinking diet Coke, it leads to bad eating and it is not good for me anyway.

6. Make better food choices, I know what those are and I need to stick with the foods that will make me feel better. I have to stop telling myself that "I will start tomorrow".

7. Re-evaluate these steps and adjust them as necessary on April 7th, 2013.
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