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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Rear ended on our way out of town. Man on pills and booze as I heard him tell the officer. No license either. girls parents insurance. 3ambulances, a fire truck, and a police officer came, but we are good. Achy neck and back, but I'll get checked out next week if it still hurts. Sorry to say, hubby's leg is still broken! :(

Car is big mess, but were able to drive it home after firemen secured stuff and removed bumper cover. I have transferred wheel chair, suitcase and stuff to Yukon XL and we will try again in the morning.

Mom has melanoma and her best friend and care giver has macular degeneration.

They are able to help moms friend and she can still drive! Mom has surgery April 9th.

Everything is going fine! Now they want us to close on our house early, but no point in paying longer as we need a man with 2good legs to move!! Ha!

Car is totalled, but we still have 2cars so I am going to wait until later to get a car.
Things can only get better!!!

We are really fine, but we haven't really started getting ready to move as taking care of Bootman is a full job!
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