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Ugly diagnosis

Saturday, March 23, 2013

I had blood tests earlier in the week, then my Dr's appt. emoticon

I was diagnosed with Diabetes, low potassium and high cholesterol. Already have High Blood Pressure.

Ok woke me up. I am digging in and getting myself back to health. I have been studying all areas of knowledge on this disease, and writing and working with the result of getting back on track.

My Dr. said you wouldn't believe the amount of people he has diagnosed with this. And the #1 factor is WEIGHT, and lack of exercise.

It's a cruel disease, and can take the best of us down with it, if we let it. Uh uh I am preparing for battle, have my shield and sword ready to slay this Dragon! When I walked out of the Dr's office, I went straight home, cleaned pantry and refrigerator of all sugars and glutens. Then went to the grocery store, and read labels for hours. I couldn't believe how much sugar was in everything. I had read somewhere if sugar was in the 1st 5 ingredients don't get it. I have been reading labels for trans fats, hydrogenated. Actually I don't buy pkg. products unless it's 100% organic and no man made items. I usually stay with whole foods.
But before the diagnosis, I tended to eat more sweets than necessary. So I am cutting that out of my life. Not even a little smidgeon. I want to conquer this! AND I WILL!! Mark my words and watch my nutrition and fitness guides, I am going to show that Dr. in 3 mos. on my next appt. that this girl is determined! Oh yeah and I ate fritos (corn oil) like they were going out of style!! No more of that!! (I ate them mainly because they are Vegan) emoticon

Just to add, I am watching carb intake and not eating things white (flour, sugar etc.) I am not that big on breads, I prefer my turkey burgers with green leaf lettuce as a bun. I think the bun takes away the flavor anyway.
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    Hey MJ, get a library copy of Wheat Belly by Dr Davis. A REAL eyeopener about how bad wheat of today, which is Genetically Modified many times since the 50s, and the reason behind the fattening of Americans. GMO wheat is banned in a few countries as well. I think you will be even more determined if you get to read this book!! Keep me posted if you do. I love talking about it.

    There is also a Wheat Belly sparkteam where you can get lots of info too. Check them out.
    1881 days ago

    Comment edited on: 4/1/2013 5:34:32 PM
    I like how fired up you are!
    I want to see the dr's face in 3 mos emoticon emoticon
    1886 days ago
    1886 days ago
  • DS9KIE
    Sorry you have this Ugly diagnosis but there is hope

    I recommended reading Eat to Live by Joel Fuhrman, Mc Dougall Program For Maximum Weight Loss by John A. Mc Dougall (there are many other great books).

    You can also check out the eat to live team.

    There are people who have no more Diabetes, high Blood Pressure, ect by eating this way. (BURRITAELITA did, here is her page, http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage.a

    good luck and we are all here for you. emoticon emoticon
    1887 days ago

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    Sparkpeople can help ....a LOT!
    1889 days ago
  • CHERYLL1949
    So Sorry but we are here to help you. emoticon
    1889 days ago
    well i hope you do tackle down on this.i dont want to scare you but ive seen what it can do when you continue to eat poorly with diabeties, it can kill you...
    . you want to get on that and No excuses like my mom did. please.

    1889 days ago
    Great job for deciding to live a healthier lifestyle! Some of those things may still exist in your life, even after getting healthier though. I have high blood pressure, which is heredity related. Family history says that I will be diabetic, have high cholesterol and high blood pressure by age 45. I'm 50 now and just have the high blood pressure because I changed my lifestyle.

    Sorry for the wake up call, but sometimes that's what we need to realize that we are the only ones that can do anything about this!

    1890 days ago
  • MRSP90X
    I understand how you feel as I am a diabetic also. Just to warn you though, it is not just sugar but all carbs unless they are non-starchy veggies are the culprit. Even so called healthy complex carbs are bad to a diabetic unless they are strategically placed in the diet and in carefully controlled amounts depending how your metabolism processes carbs. Protein, and not protein with a lot of carbs in it, and veggies at every meal. I am in the process of reversing mine and so can you! emoticon
    1890 days ago
    Lots of good advice on here for diabetes---make sure you check them out---and really, it is more carbs that will spike your blood sugar then sugar does.
    1890 days ago
  • SKATER787
    MJ, sorry to hear of the news. Any one of those is serious enough, but to get a whole bunch of them is not going to go down well. I've been working with my high blood pressure with some success after dealing with high cholesterol. I'll come up with some blogs about my experience in the near future. That will be my project. Hang in there!
    1890 days ago
  • DEDAY10
    I know what you mean by hypertension and diabetes I have had the hypertension since I was 23 years old. I was thin then and extremely active then life slowed down about 10-15 years later and I had to go on medication. then in another 10 years went by and I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes which I controlled with diet for 9 years. Not much weight loss occurred but I kept my blood glucose levels in check so I justified my weight. Then BOOM! my sugar went wild! I was so sick for months finally I gave in and went to the doctor I was stubborn because I knew that I would have to lose weight and go on medicine. The medicine was the part that was so devastating to me thus began my second journey with Sparks People. So far I have lost 13 lbs but still even with weight loss and medicine have not got my blood glucose under full control. I am crazy with it all, but like you determined! Hang in there we will do this together... emoticon Best wishes De
    1890 days ago
    Everyone says to avoid processed foods. It's difficult when relying on them is a lifetime habit.
    1890 days ago
  • DRKEYEZ820
    WTG on getting determined to fight ! I have my first Dr apt this coming Thursday....haven't been to the dr since I was pregnant, and before that I was 17 or so. I had gestational diabetes with my daughter.....and im TERRFIED that they are gonna tell me I have Diabetes when I get checked out.....I DONT want that. I need to change my ways too!
    1890 days ago
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