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Did I Break My Streak? Healthy? Not-healthy? Figuring It Out Here

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Okay my Spark friends - I'm going to work this out in public on my blog because I have to work it out on paper anyway and I don't mind sharing the process. I also don't mind comments about this either. It's ALL a work in progress - it's life!

Fridays are my low exercise day. I have no workout I do, though I like to be active. I often do the big grocery shopping on Fridays and that's a nice long walk around the store. But I definitely don't do anything specific.


It is also supposed to become part of my routine - my daily routine - to take a short walk with my little dog in the morning. About a mile - only 15 minutes - but I'm supposed to do that every day unless it's raining and yesterday it was not raining and I didn't do it. Instead I played around on the computer.


It's also a kind of laid back day at work. We don't open to the public till 1 o'clock so we can get paperwork done - and these days paperwork definitely means sitting in front of a computer. Of course I'm also supposed to get up and move around every hour but .. i didn't. I hunkered down and sat from 10 to 12


I did take a sweet one mile walk at lunch time. That's good.


I ate my packed lunch - healthy, fruit filled, high fiber, low calories.


Thought about a cup of coffee with cream as I walked past the 7-11 but decided I didn't really want it and to buy one gratuitously seemed stupid.


Didn't get as much work done as I should have - due to slight case of Friday goofing off-edness - and felt guilty all afternoon. Now - Really. I mean. If one is going to goof off one ought to CHOOSE to goof off and leave the guilt behind .... much as one CHOOSES to eat things even if they are not healthy. Mindlessness and its attendant guilt is a sick way to live. And the goofing off really was prompted by being afraid to do something I need to do. And being afraid is stupid because for goodness sake. This isn't a war zone. It's just a county job. What's going to happen? somebody will be mad at me? Sheesh. STOOPID. I have been making monsters out of something that's just a SITUATION. It may not be a pleasant situation but it's just something. Not ... not life threatening. Ugh.

Well. I see a whole lotta cowardice on the part of my Right Brain who is supposed to be helping my Left Brain deal with emotions. RB really let her down. Crumbs.

Okay ... where in the heck did THAT come from. anyway - altogether it was NOT a healthy afternoon. Bad. Oh - not in the food and exercise arena - but here is where bad food choices slip into my life. Keep on running away from stuff and I'll run right back into 187 lbs.

I think this makes


Picked up girlfriend and took her to the wine tasting at the local wine shop. Yum. And fun. And I always make them give me only 2 sips per wine. I have to truly only taste it since I will have to drive home afterwards. Which I did. and I only ate about 50 calories of pallet clearing bits. Since I had planned to go to this tasting and I also tasted moderately, and I counted these tastes in my tracker, it is neither a + or a - but a neutral.

Bought wine and came home to Himself and made a pizza for dinner. Yes. The real thing. this is something I planned about a week ago as a treat for Himself. I love a pizza. I love it with wine. I also know that if I have 2 pieces I'll be fine and if I eat 3 pieces I will be sick. The pieces are about 5" x 5". It's a cheese pizza - I figure it at 8 points per piece or 360 calories ... yes. 720 calories worth of pizza - half a healthy day's worth of food.

Is my pizza healthy? Well. not particularly. Is it unhealthy? Definitely it is if I eat too much. It's heavy on the dairy, the crust is white flour crust, I do use olive oil. I would say it's firmly in the TREAT category - and that means it is only unhealthy if it's used as a substitute for nutrition. And yet - a treat is also a healthy thing if it's treated as a treat. LOL

I'm really undecided about this. and so I will make this also a neutral - neither a plus nor a minus. But ONLY because I planned it, I limited it and I followed my limits.

I also tracked it - and everything else I ate yesterday.


I ate about 250 calories over my average daily limit - which would count as a minus except that I am still well within my WEEKLY calorie limit. More neutral stuff here.


so - it's a win for the healthy day after all.

And because I thought about it so much and did so much planning and I'm working it out here on this blog for anyone else's benefit ... I am going to say it was a mindful enough day to be a winner and I am now going to go change my status and say I still lived a healthy day yesterday ... in spite of the pizza.

I should have call this post CAN YOU FIT PIZZA INTO A HEALTHY DAY? emoticon emoticon emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    It all balanced out so I would say yes!
    1858 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/23/2013 11:47:19 PM
  • SHEILA1505
    Sounds good to me - I don't do the pizza, but I understand the wine tasting - and that was good social time with a GF too

    1859 days ago
  • JLITT62
    I think it was totally healthy! I still eat pizza - just not real often. And while I do try to tailor a higher calorie/carb sweet/whatever day to days with more activity, it doesn't always work that way. And that's ok!

    It's not about deprivation, after all.
    1859 days ago
    Sounds like you did very well to me. And of course pizza can fit into a healthy lifestyle if it's planned for and not binged on; you scored on both of those points. I don't like the idea of "cheat days" because it implies that deprivation should be the norm. I lost 50 pounds eating a bowl of Capn Crunch as a pre-bed treat more often than not. It kept me from feeling deprived. Now 10 years into maintenance I rarely want cereal any more and when I do, it's Kashi Go Lean that calls my name instead of the Capn. I guess what I'm trying to say is that our food plans need to be livable for the long haul. We aren't perfect, and are days wont be perfect either. It's the overall trends that count.
    1859 days ago
  • BRENDA_G50
    I liked the way you reasoned everything out. Besides, even Dr Oz says you can have a cheat day so you won't feel deprived and quit or go on a binge.
    Now I'M HUNGRY!!! emoticon emoticon
    1859 days ago
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