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Friday, March 22, 2013

as that old song goes...

tis been a month of changes... that is for sure. I finally put my money, and my body, where my mouth was and got myself into some activities to change this body of mine...

I started getting back to the PT gym for their maintenance program about a month ago.. emoticon

This last week was the fourth week of aqua cardio, water jogging as its also known (I think)... put on floatation belt, enter water staying upright, jog, move as though cross country skiing, do jumping jacks, rockette kicks, etc. either while staying stationary (more or less) or moving backwards or forwards through the pool... and then they throw in movements designed to work on abs and obliques as well as leg, arm and those that propell them muscles. Makes for a nice time as well as a good workout - 2 times a week. emoticon

This was also week 3 of my No Boundaries 5K training program - sponsored by a local running shoe store and New Balance we follow the plan, get warmed up, cooled down, and stretched at the direction of one crazy coach and her band of mentors... practice 2 times a week on our own... emoticon

Last week, week of daylight savings and the new moon, my body said basically "what the $#!* are you doing to me? I am too used to doin nuttin' honey and I don't want to play anymore" so aside from Saturday's practice run with my dog none of the above happened. emoticon Lesson - don't take on so much so soon - thought the couple of weeks between program starts might be gradual enough..

This week I made both pool sessions, was going to practice run on Tuesday but chickened out with the foot of snow in spite of the roads being pretty clear by day's end (so concerned with landing on those new knees and messing them up), and made our 1.7 mile training class last night... emoticon and it feels good.. I'll get myself back to PT in a couple of weeks - probably the nopoolbecauseitsspringbreak week..

The amazing thing for me is how readily the going out at night has happened - I've always been one that once I get home from work I don't go out until tomorrow.. I like it... I like it a lot as much as I am liking having to ask the question...

who's legs are these on which I walk???

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