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Friday, March 22, 2013

Well, I've had a few days this week where I've gotten close to or slightly over the top of my calorie range with food. I have felt very snack-y to the point of actually buying some of those WW little cakes (red velvet yum!) They're 2-3 bites and 90 calories. Anyway, from what I'm describing, I'm sure you can guess what's coming next week. At least I made the connection as to why I was feeling so much like snacking and eating extra so I did a pretty good job of trying to snack on healthy stuff and with some control. Hopefully that'll get better next week.

I'm pretty excited...tomorrow (Saturday) we are going out of town. Now we have been out of town a lot lately but most of it has had to do with my hubby's work. Not this weekend! My son is staying with my sister, and my mom is coming to dog sit, and my husband and I are going to a fancy hotel for a night. It was a Living Social deal that we purchased in December. It's for one night at a hotel on Lake Michigan (I'm from Northern IL and this place is a little north of Milwaukee, WI). The stay includes a wine tasting and tour at a nearby winery, a bottle of wine with dinner (not so good for diet, but we'll be "feeling" pretty good haha), turn down service with chocolates, breakfast in the morning, and the room has a view of the lake, robes, etc. I'm excited! We haven't really done anything like this (just the two of us for fun) since we got married! Did I mention I am excited? :) Now granted it would be much nicer in the summer, but that's how we got an almost $300 value for $130 - it has to be used before the marina opens April 1st, in their off-season. That's fine with me!!! The hotel and restaurant look all fancy and I don't care if it's only 30 degrees, I'm going to go walk by the water at some point! :)

Oh, even with the snacking I'm down 1 lb for the week, so I'm pleased with that. I'd love to be down another by my b-day (next Friday) but we'll see. I'll have to be really good during the week after how this weekend will go food-wise. Also for Easter I'm planning some healthier dishes and keeping it simple. Like ham and some buns, I'm going to do a healthier deviled egg version, some green beans (not in a casserole or anything - healthy!)some veggies or fruit salad, see if my sis can bring some broccoli salad and then I'm going to make a lemon cake. I remember Easter last year was my first day I really went over and crazy with food for a couple days on my journey I started last January, so let's hope that doesn't happen this time LOL.

Now I am breaking my rules, I'm typing this before working out (gasp!) but that's because I had a big smoothie for breakfast and I'm under a blanket warming up a bit and letting it settle haha I am in my workout clothes and I'll be jogging in a few minutes - last day for week 2 to jog! It's been going really well so far. There are so many different programs out there, if anyone is curious I'm doing the "Rookie Running, 5k Your Way, 8 week training program" here on Sparkpeople. :)

I am a procrastinator though so I have to be careful with that(getting on the computer before my workout, etc). And I have a LOT to do today, so I do need to get up soon!

Okay, have a great weekend everyone!!!
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