Telling my head I AM NOT DONE!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Hey everyone,

Wow what a crazy week I have had! I've had a difficult time staying on track this week and fell back on some old destructive binging habits....which leaves me feeling guilty and wondering "whatsup wit dat!" lol

The good thing as with most of us in most situations we usually know why we do what we do if we take the time to reflect , we have our own's believing in our own ability to move forward and put plans into action that are most difficult.

Here is why I believe this week has been hard:

1. ROUTINE: I am a creature of routine and this week my husband is in Florida whole routine is off...I have to check in everyday with the doggies so coming home at lunch time to feed them and play with them for a bit...Also last Saturday before he went away we went away for an overnight SPA get away at a beautiful INN...and well my thought was we are spending all that money ...I am going to enjoy I ate and ate and over indulged...then Sunday was St Paddy's day and we went out with friends....and well I over indulged AGAIN...and the rest of the week although each day started with good intentions ended with after work binges emoticon

2. EXERCISE: I started in February working out 30 minutes 5 x a week on my recumbent March I took it up to 40 minutes a day...and then the pain and numbness started in my hips...So I called my doctor last week and I will be going to see him next week....but in the meantime this week I have stopped exercising ( is this an excuse?) I am not sure...but I have been having some other symptoms and need to make sure there is nothing serious going on before stressing my hips...SO I have not been exercising this week....and the pain has stopped...( possibly it was just using muscles and joints I have not used in awhile ?) emoticon

3. STRESS: As you may know I am working towards a degree in Family supports at Ryerson University and well that plus work this week has been I am sure it has contributed...I have always used food to distress and comfort which is weird because in the end it just causes more stress...vicious circle...

4. NOT SLEEPING: When I don't sleep I have no will hopefully if I take care of the above I can sleep better... emoticon

5. I AM GETTING COMFORTABLE: you know whenever I begin losing weight I get to a place where I feel physically comfortable and for some reason my head and my body think " this is it I am done." I have never been less than 170 pounds in my adult losing 38 pounds I am still a BIG woman....236....BUT how the hell can I be comfortable there? Well it is not 274 and I am not huffin and puffin and I can pretty much fit into all my old clothes so I feel good...BUT when I look at me I am still far far away from where I need to be so my work is no where near I need to get "uncomfortable" again...and remind myself I am NO DONE....what I am feeling is just the beginning of how wonderful it will feel when I am able to shed this weight once and for all...

SO with all the above said...I know the solution lies within me and how badly I really want this...tracking my food, sticking to it, exercise, blogging and reading success stories for motivation...try and get more sleep and DON'T GIVE UP!

So my spark friends I need your support and your advice in anyway you can give it...because I know how easy it is to fall back onto old habits and I so don't want to go there....I have had the NSV ( non scale victories) and I WANT MORE!

Thanks for reading my rant LOL sometimes it helps just to write it all out! I hope you are all having a great FRIDAY!!

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  • PATTYR81
    I like your blog! And STONECOT's remarks about taking a small break really hit home for me!!


    1853 days ago
  • LADYBUG1943
    I followed my SP friend StoneCot over here, and you have a lot of good advice here. I am envious of your ability to state so clearly the dilemma you have now. It seems to me you're looking at yourself pretty clearly.

    My husband said something just today that relates, I think. He's having a bad day, and had more than a few negative things happen this morning. He told me "sometimes you just have make yourself do the next thing." He's very good at following through on his plans and it's unusual for him not to have every task crossed off at the end of his day. For him to admit to NOT wanting to do something is pretty unusual. But unlike me, he always does it anyway.

    Hope you work through this....

    1853 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/23/2013 4:27:39 PM
    Sometimes, we just need a pause for breath! So not lapses, or falling off the wagon, but simply a need for a little time to think, and reflect, then recommit and then get on with it. Use this week to redefine what you want in life, then when your routine is back to normal, you can take up where you left off, with renewed vigor and good heart.
    1854 days ago
  • MARIANNE9855
    I was just talking to my girlfriend that I seem to be able to lose 30 pounds I feel a lot better and then I start to lose the high I was on in the beginning. Then I start fudging what I am eating. She told me I need to take charge of this and not stop . So I have restarted pushing harder. In a couple weeks I start a new job and I will add the challenge of doing this while working.

    With all your challenges I think you are on top of things and can plan what to do differently. You definitely need to find out about your hips. I do 30 min on the recumbent bike every day and am gradually increasing my resistance. My legs get tired but nothing hurts.

    I bet next week will be so much better for you emoticon
    1854 days ago
    you guys are the best thank you so much for all your encouragement and support!!! emoticon
    1854 days ago
    You really don't need someone to kick your a$$ because you've done a good job of it. What you need is a reminder of why you started on your journey. If that ends up by kicking the Start button again GO FOR IT! emoticon
    1854 days ago
    We all have those lapses, but you put a stop to yours. GREAT JOB! emoticon

    You asked for input about where to go from here, but I think it sounds as if you are really your own best coach. You've been aware, observed your behaviors, analyzed the reasons, and suggested wonderfully sensible solutions. You've already got all that you need!

    Hope starting right now, you have the kind of week that will make you proud of yourself and all you're doing to get healthier!
    emoticon :) Gail

    1854 days ago

    Hi. Have you thought of going shopping for something you really would like to wear but in a couple of sizes too small? Hang it on your bedroom door and look at it every day. Wanting to wear it, might inspire you to get less comfortable where you are.. Now that I mention it, I have a smaller pair of capris I bought that were too small. They're so cute. think I'll look them out and hang them up. I need inspiration too. Good luck with everything you are doing. SO busy!!!

    1854 days ago
    I am in that place too. A lot of stuff occurred beyond my control and now I am having trouble getting back with the routine. I have no doubt that we can do it though!
    1854 days ago
    I had a not so good week too, but the silver lining is as Sparkers we don't just go off the rails. We reflect on what happened and how the next time we can make better choices. Here's my list of how to avoid over indulging/bingeing:
    -No alcohol (lessens my resolve).
    -Get exercise every day to get the endorphins going to make me feel good.
    -Brush my teeth right after dinner to stop night grazing.
    -Treat myself to other things than food (I won't feel deprived - this could be a nap, doing something I really like [reading], buying something, etc.)
    -When craving sugar badly, eat a dill pickle or something else sour - this works!
    -Wait 15 minutes if I really crave something. If I still want it, eat a half portion.
    -Take a picture of myself each week so I don't get complacent. Try a pair of my size smaller jeans on.

    We can do this. I am resigned to the fact that I just have to be diligent all the time. Most of the time my plan works well; sometimes it is just hard.... sort of like life in general. Good luck!
    1855 days ago
  • MJRVIC2000
    Just a little talk with Jesus makes it right! God Bless YOU! Vic.
    1855 days ago
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