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Friday, March 22, 2013

First up was with my specialist. I felt my medicines weren't working, that it was time for a change, considering all these new areas of disease activity and the fact I was requiring painkillers. She once told me you shouldn't need painkillers because the disease modifying drugs will control the disease and therefore you shouldn't get a lot of pain. This was true when I was on the Remicade I felt the boost every time I got an infusion. But I don't feel the same with with the Humira. That weekly painful poke in the abdomen has not been worth it! But it fell on deaf ears as once again, because my blood tests look so great, I really don't have disease activity in spite of the bone scan showing otherwise. Actually, she suggested the lower back pain must be a different form of arthritis. Swell. She also said the trouble I am having with my elbow will be difficult to fix. I will see the surgeon who did my elbow replacements April 4th about it.
My family Dr. got all over my pain concerns. She immediately upped my evening dose to 300 mg of gabapentin and said to try taking 1 capsule during the day as needed. I will for sure try to take the barest minimum because I dislike the thought of being on drugs like this. She too, wasn't too thrilled for having someone as young as me needing this powerful medicine so soon :( She has also declared me allergic to hydromorphone and suggested I get a Medic Alert bracelet for it. That is a bummer because it really helped with breakthrough pain and the implications are not good as thats the codeine family, a wide variety of painkillers would be useless to me :(( But she said she wasn't willing to go that far yet..I looked it up and its $40 a year for the service, and the article you wear starts at $75 for the cheapest thing and that was for a dog tag with a beaded chain that looks like your bathroom stopper one lol. You want something nice it jumps to 300!! It was requesting appliance serial numbers and things like that which I don't have and are probably long gone as one surgeon in particular dumps your file after two years. With all my medical issues maybe I should consider this just so they have my history there instantly, but this form they give to fill out sure isn't big enough for all the stuff I have lol.
This horrible weather continues and that strong wind the other day blew out someone's window in my building! I am lucky not to have that happen although I might have welcomed it now. My window has been stuck shut for the last two days as the the snow pushed into my screen melted a little and then froze it shut :( Its stifling in here and with the smoke making it very hard to workout, I get tired so quickly without fresh air. More snow and cold and well below seasonal temps on the way. Only bright spot this weekend is our Gardenscape starts, so want to go to it and see all the fantastic flower and tree and shrub displays.
I am so worried about my Mom though, she has been feeling poorly since her fall a month ago. She finally went to see a Dr., wasn't able to get into to see mine though :(, had an uncomfortable internal exam only to be told there was nothing there. But poor Mom has had bad diarrhea since the incidence and bad gas at night :( I think she really hurt herself when she fell in her pelvic and groin region. She is having to take tylenol just to get going she is hurting so much. My Mom absolutely hates taking pills so that is bad. This Dr. never even suggested tests for any microscopic blood in urine or stool. No tests at all to try find out why she is like this.
So that is what is going on in my world, thanks for stopping by,
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  • SILLYHP1953
    I hope your mother's problem gets figured out because something sure happened when she fell. Doctor's really need to listen to their patients. I know you will both be happy when this cold weather is over...for a few months. I can't imagine living with that much snow and cold.
    1882 days ago
    Oh, my poor, dear Linda!

    It saddens me that you are facing so many struggles. I am also very sorry to learn about your mother. I know you two are very close and this is really distressing for you. You are in my thoughts and prayers always.
    1883 days ago
  • ENUFF81020
    Hi Linda,
    There's a lot going on in this blog--first, I am taking 900 mg of gabapentin four times a day and have been on this dose for about 3 years now. It was originally prescribed very low for me to treat my fibromyalgia, but Dr. Miller (oh, how I miss here...) explained several different types of pain to me and told me that as soon as a scalpel went into my back, I developed nerve damage. Gabapentin (neurontin) helps to address that and she booted me up to the maximum dose. I had another doc who wanted me to change things around so that I took 900 in the morning, 600 on my next two doses and then 1500 at bedtime to help me to sleep better. I couldn't stand all of that shifting around, my daily pain wasn't controlled properly, so I am back to 900 four times a day. I don't know if knowing this will give you a bit of relief in worrying about that medication.

    As for your mother's fall--I know that you are all restricted in getting medical care according to how appointments are given and the like. I agree with you and many of the others who responded that more information is needed for your mother's reaction to the fall. I have had a couple of doozies this past year, and even my doctor noted that it wasn't clear if the car accident could be responsible for all of my more recent needs or not. (He wrote on their forms that I was still under treatment and the outcomes were at best unknown at this point in time.) I know that the fall I took in December put me about three weeks behind schedule in recovering from my hip replacement. I only hope that a medical professional will care for your mom in the right way and soon.

    None of this stuff is ever easy--and people like you and I keep going through far more than most. I guess we have to keep alert and asking questions, doing all that we can keep doing for ourselves. I keep you in my prayers, my friend.
    Gentle hugs,
    1885 days ago
  • LINDA!
    Linda, I am so sorry for the pain. Yes, you are young to be going through so much. I hope that you see some improvement soon. As for your dear mother, when I fell and broke many bones 19 months ago, there were injuries that were not noticed immediately. I will tell you that the emotional trauma is also something difficult to live with. Perhaps she did not break a bone, however, I do know that a bad fall takes so much out of us in other ways. I pray for you and your mother. I hope you both improve in body and spirit. emoticon
    1886 days ago
    Linda, First, thanks for all your kindness and support on my blogs and for the party SparkGoodies!! So sorry to read about your pain and continuing medical issues. Hoping for relief for you. At least your primary physician was concerned; hope the changes she made for her you are helpful. Wishing relief for your mom, too. It is very frustrating to deal with the medical system. Best wishes. Hang in there. Enjoy the flowers at Gardenscape. That sounds really nice. -Marsha
    1886 days ago
  • PCOH051610
    You are such an inspiration because you write with such honesty! I was reading along with my mouth sort of dropping in shock and awe until I came to the part about the bracelet looking like a bathroom stopper! emoticon

    That being aside, I'm sorry to hear that you are needing more painkillers and that your mom is not feeling better.

    1886 days ago
    My husband wears RoadID. It costs last abut $9.00 a year. The bracelet is extra, a one time fee, but inexpensive he says. emoticon
    1887 days ago
    Med Alert bracelet sounds like a good idea - I'd go for the better one to make sure all the docs have the same info if possible...

    Sending healing thoughts and prayers to your mom!
    1887 days ago
    I hope that you feels lots better soon and your mama too! It would be good if she could get in to see your dr. and get a 2nd opinion. Sounds like she needs it. I'm thinking of you with all your bumps in the road and I'm wishing you the very best with them!

    Lots of hugs to you and your mama too,
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1887 days ago
    Hello Linda,
    I agree your mum needs to be investigated a lot more thoroughly. Falls are nasty things and a whole body approach needs to happen to rule out injuries that are not so clinically obvious!

    Sounds like you are also having some issues with your pain sorted out!

    Hope you both get answers sooner rather than later!
    1887 days ago
    I didn't know about your mom's fall either. It must be so distressing that she isn't getting any answers! And you, too! I'll be saying prayers for both of you, and really hoping that spring brightens your life soon!
    1887 days ago
    Not great news, Linda: so sorry about the pain and meds situation for you, and for your mother.

    Sometimes we need to be pretty assertive about getting the tests we need: and it's much harder to advocate for ourselves than for someone else.

    And as for that smoke issue: it just is insane you have to put up with that too!!

    Hope you enjoy your garden show and that your mother gets to go also. (Bet Daisy would love it too!!)
    1887 days ago
    Dr.'s -don't get me started on them! Some I just want to strangle and the others I just want to hug! I didn't hear about your Mom's fall Linda-so sorry she is having such a bad time of it lately. Not to mention you and your pain and medicine situation. The frustrations of it all, between that and your smoke filtration problems! I feel for you, I do. I hope the surgeon can figure something out for your elbow.
    Hang in there...thanks for the update! You are a great supportive friend-despite all you are going through, you have always been there. Thanks for that. Lots of hugs and good wishes coming your way my friend... emoticon
    1887 days ago
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