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March 21st, 2013 - gym funny

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Yesterday was a great workout at the gym. I was pushing myself hard and could feel the sweat and burn. In between sets I would pause and that is when you start noticing things...or more like people, and that is when the stories start!

Girls at the gym!
I'm sure there is one of these cell phone types of girls at every gym. But it is super annoying when they are on the machines that you want to use. That was my story yesterday, it was bad enough that all these wanna be muscle men where in the free weights area hogging up everything. Here was a girl that every time I was done on a machine and ready to move on she was still just sitting there NOT doing a thing. A few machines in she went over to the leg machines and that's when I could really see her "work out". She would do about 5 reps and then get on her phone the whole time I was on one machine (mind you I was doing 4 sets of 12 reps with a min rest between the sets!!).

Now the 2nd set of girls had both me and the hubby rolling! There were 3 girls that came in and sat down at the fly machine. One would do the reps while the other video taped her on the phone....they all took turns doing that and taking pictures on all the machines they were on. Now if they worked out for a total of 20 mins I would be surprised! So then to top it off when I ran into the locker room to use the little girls room before tanning they were all standing in a group taking pictures of themselves. I was rolling because who goes to the gym and takes a million pictures on machines and then group photos in the locker room. I could understand if you needed pictures to show progress....but this was WAY beyond that. Today these same girls got there after me and left after 10 mins....I really hope that they are doing more at home.

My workout today was -
warm up shoulder press 20 @10lbs
Shoulder press 4x12 @25lbs
Seated Row - 4x12 @55lbs
Triceps push down - 4x12 @80lbs
Front raise up w/dumbbells - 4x12 @7.5lbs
Single arm side lat raise w/DB - 4x12 @7.5lbs
Shrugs w/dumbbells - 4x12 @12.5lbs
Flys - 4x12 @55lbs
Incline rear delt raise - 4x12 @40lbs
Ab coaster w/10lbs - 1 round forward, left and right sides
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