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Are you training to win or just showing up?

Thursday, March 21, 2013

I arranged with the manager at my firm to get one on one career coaching as my new business hasn't taken off the way I need or want it too. I have been feeling very down about myself and eating like it is a full time job. The manager offered to coach me and I have reached a point of desperation so I readily agreed. My AHA moment today was when she said "am I training to win or am I just showing up?". I have been just showing up and assuming results would follow. I wasn't consistently working towards my lofty goals. I would work hard one day then just a few hours the next etc. When I lost all that weight on SP I was training and singularly focused on my goal of living a healthy life and losing fat. There was no inconsistency. There was no maybe I won't give it my all today.

So I say to you. You don't have to respond but just think about it. Be honest with yourself. Are you training to win or just showing up?

I have been just showing up in a lot of places in my life. Work, my health, my relationship. Going through the motions and waiting for my reward. The rewards come with consistency. It is ok to fail. Failure is how we succeed. NOBODY wins all the time. If they say they do they are lying. What is not acceptable is to give up. To just dial it in.

We sat down and made an action plan for all aspects of my life and I feel excited. Energized. If you are interested how we did it message me. I am happy to share the info. You can do it because I sure as heck am going to be training from this point on.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I can confidently answer: I'm in it to win it. I don't just show up. I'm not training. It's show time! I started my new job in January and in 3 mos. I made the leader board #1, #2, #3 in the 3 measured sales categories, and last month in April I was #1 overall. I wake up everyday BELIEVING. Now that the hubby & fur babies are officially relocated to Hawaii, it is time for me to SPARK it up again. I have decided to join 24-hr fitness gym and focus on getting fit and strong to fuel my quest to live well.
    2406 days ago
    Lately, I've just been showing up... I've wondered where my determination and drive has gone.
    2444 days ago
  • -AIMIE-
    I haven't even been showing up until the last couple of weeks. Today was my first day back in a gym since before Christmas. I actually am considering signing up with a trainer at the gym because I need some extra motivation. I figure the only way to get different results is to change what you are doing. I have a hard time committing to the healthy lifestyle so I waiver back and forth, one week being disciplined, the next week a free for all. That has led me to nothing but gaining and losing the same 25 pounds 3 or 4 times now. So yes, share your wisdom with me please! I need to train to win!
    2446 days ago
    I have been just showing up. Doing just enough to say "Hey, I'm doing it"... yeah right!!! Thanks for this post. You have been MIA for almost a year. You have definitely been in my thoughts!!


    2450 days ago
    So pyched to see you come back with a blog. You are sooooo not alone in this. I spent the last year not even thinking of showing up to almost any part of my life. And I am also going through some changes starting this month. I kno wyou can do it. i've seen you do amazing things beofre and spread your enery to others. Keep setting goals and working toward them at a pace that makes sense for you. So glad that your manager is supportive and investing time in coaching you.
    2450 days ago
    Change is difficult. Starting a new career is a huge commitment that most people don't anticipate before they actually start executing change. It's sometimes hard just to show up and the ahha moment is necessary, I suspect, for most people. Great job in letting yourself ask for help, and then taking it. Hugs.
    2451 days ago
    I am training to win! But in that process I do sometimes just "show up"! I ran a marathon and still felt like I didn't "win". But that's my own lack of confidence! I need to win everyday with my eating...that's my BIGGEST obstacle! You can do it!!! emoticon
    2453 days ago
  • NEWSGIRL2177
    Excellent point. I know that if I'm honest about it, I'm just showing up. Sometimes not even that. I miss the fire in my belly that I had a year ago. Getting it back or starting a new fire is a big challenge.
    2454 days ago
    Mmm. I need to display that right by my other favorite motivational saying. Thanks Ashley!
    2454 days ago
  • DB1167
    I want to say I am training to win this, but somedays its feels like I just am showing up. Although lately I am winning. Great blog! Makes me think about my long term goals!! emoticon
    2454 days ago
  • ROCKMAN6797
    2454 days ago
    u have sure got me thinking.........!!!
    2455 days ago
    I have been barely showing up since christmas. This week began my recommitment. I am in it to win it!
    2455 days ago
    I am training to win. Great post!
    2455 days ago
    Awesome blog Ashley! I confess I am just showing up most days for everything. You hit the nail on the head! Kudos for you for taking action and for offerring guidance on your action plan. I will take any help you can offer.
    2455 days ago
    I love your energy! Super proud of you for realizing where you were at and making changes for the better! Love and hugs!
    2455 days ago
    Good to see a blog from can do it!!! I'm phoning in some aspects of my life...well, ALL, I think, too. I have some thinking to do, too...
    2455 days ago
  • TLG71567
    Great post! It's really a lot to think about.
    2455 days ago
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