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The winter has stolen my mojo

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

'What winter?' I hear you say, 'It's spring!'

Hah. Not in the UK it isn't. We were promised 10C (50F) this weekend and I made plans to go away, and instead it's absolutely appendage-freezing, and the forecast is down to 2C for Saturday. 2C is 2C above 0C which is freezing in Cs.

So I was planning all kinds of things for the weekend including being very careful about what I eat and taking plenty of exercise and instead it's going to be the brr brr brr again.

I've been making bargains with the weather for weeks now (if it's warm I'll be good all week AND I'll go to the gym at the weekend AND I'll even groom the cats). It has only been warm once, so I haven't been good all week, not for several weeks.

Please please please can someone fix the weather? I'm really tired of itching everywhere because my skin has been dried out by the cold, and I wore my new frock at work today and it looks fab but my coat is so loose that the wind whistles right up it and freezes my doings. All these hikes I'm going on now, all I can think is 'this will look gorgeous in the spring'. It should BE spring, it officially starts today, and it's still SNOWING.

Is that the wind howling round the building, or is it the wailing of a desperate SparkPerson?
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    Hope the weather now is all you would like it to be. I always find myself longing for spring and fall.
    emoticon emoticon
    1729 days ago
    1828 days ago
    I prefer earlier spring weather also. We usually have some garden planted by this time but not this year.
    1842 days ago
    I hope the weather gets nicer! You are not alone! My mojo is gone as well!
    1844 days ago
    1846 days ago
    I, too am sooooo ready for Spring weather! emoticon
    1848 days ago
    1849 days ago
  • NEWMEN2013
    You are so right! We have over 5" here in Fairland and this has been the snowiest March in many more years than I've been alive!
    Hope Mr Sun shines down on you and me both very soon.
    1850 days ago
    We are still in the negative temps at the end of March and covered in snow. So much for spring in Quebec...
    1850 days ago
    It is not Spring where I am either - we completely skipped Spring it is over 100 degrees today. Guess it all depends on where you are and your persepctive.
    1850 days ago
  • NKING1982
    I know what you mean, i feel the same way. If this is spring, then never mind, i want it to be summer instead!
    1850 days ago
    Hoping that the spring finds you soon! We are having colder than normal weather here too, but I doubt you will give me any sympathy... it will be 68 tomorrow for a high, instead of the 80 we expect at this time of year in Orlando, Florida! But don't worry - when you are enjoying your summer, we'll be sweating in the air conditioning! LOL
    1850 days ago
    I know your pain. We keep getting that hear in Denver. Days they say it will be warm we're getting snow and vice versa. It's driving me nuts. I'd love to get outside for a nice run but I can't in this cold. It hurts my lungs to much. Don't let the last bit of winter win. Be good because you can not because of the weather. Enter spring time on a high note you can do it.
    1850 days ago
  • LOUISE3518
    How good it sounds to have the wind whistling up into your coat !!!!!!!
    That's what I call "SPRING'' ! That good feeling that comes with loose clothes.
    GOD MUST HAVE HIT THE PUNCH BOWL... he's turned the world upside down :)
    Soooooooooooooooon we will be complaining it's TOOOOOOOOO HOT TO WALK.
    Love your sharing... just love each and every sharing you do. YOU KEEP ME GOING.
    emoticon Louise
    1850 days ago
    Well,still sousy weather over there,so my wish for you for Easter is emoticon
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1850 days ago
    I feel your pain... hopefully, spring is around the corner!! Living in a cold climate myself, I am trying to embrace outdoor activities even in the cold... snowshoe anyone? Hiking??

    Definitely not as fun as spring and summer but if you can't beat Mother Nature, might as well join her!
    1851 days ago
  • AJB121299
    1851 days ago
    Loved your post. Supposed to get 4 inches of snow today. Oh well ! Spring weather will be here soon.
    1851 days ago
  • SHIRLEY721
    I liked this blog so much.Reminds me of the days when I lived in IN.
    1851 days ago
  • NEEDBU66
    Didja see where the DA was going to prosecute the groundhog? HA! I'm in Ohio too. 4-6 inches of snow.

    Love your posts. This one great!
    1851 days ago
  • KAB7801
    It's snowing today. Can't go for a walk
    1851 days ago
    The wailing of a desperate SparkPerson? Me to be exact!
    1851 days ago
    1851 days ago
    Ok...I feel better now...despite the whistling wind we will be in the 50s and should just be edging to 70 by my day off next week...I suppose life is never predictably perfect but focusing on a couple of positive factors makes the negative diminish...
    1851 days ago
    I am so with you! Here in Ohio we are about to get hit with yet ANOTHER snow storm! I am so sick of being stuck indoors! Last year we had flowers blooming in March:(
    1851 days ago
    We had an unusually cold spell this winter. Major freeze damage. It is hard to see all of those palm trees showing nothing but dry, brown fronds. It is starting to warm up and as you know, we will soon be seeing highs in the 110 to 118 degree range.

    This is coming to you from sunny Arizona.
    1851 days ago
    End of March and snow is predicted in ny.... oh no!
    1851 days ago
    Well, I'm very empathetic with regard to your grumpies. Here in Ohio (USA), we've had snow this week as well. The sunshine teased us a bit yesterday, then went and hid away again. Anyway - I got some chuckles out of your post at least, as I bargain with the weather as well, and your descriptions are very humorous! So, this weather is at least good for one thing. Hang in there, my friend! Soon it really will be Spring and we'll all be a lot more Sparky!
    1851 days ago
  • KATYDID412
    I feel the same way. Here in Pittsburgh we're expecting 4 to 6 inches of snow overnight into tomorrow. I have had it. Yesterday was sunny and in the 40s, and it was wonderful. I need some consistent sun! Hoping you get some in the UK soon and that we get some in the US. C'mon Spring!!

    1851 days ago
    I think winter will last till July and start again in August!
    1852 days ago
  • FISHER011
    1852 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1852 days ago
    1852 days ago
    I hear ya! I'm in Mid-Missouri. It never snows here in March. Usually, we flirt with 70F temps. It's supposed to snow tonight. If I wanted winter for 8 months of the year, I would move back north. My crocuses look so forlorn in the dead grass, and my tulips look like they're going to give up growing and dive right back into the ground!
    1852 days ago
    You are not alone! That may or may not cheer you up, but at least you can take some small comfort in knowing that there are others miserable at the lack of Spring. We keep getting snow here in New Jersey as well. There's another major snow storm predicted for Monday. The same one that dumped buckets of snow on a football match in Denver. We just have to remember this when we're grousing about the heat in August.
    1852 days ago
    I think it is a little of both! Three days into sping and it was 22F when I walked the dogs this morning. That's not right!
    1852 days ago
    Yep, I am so tired of hearing about spring here in Minnesota - just not happening yet!!! Makes it so hard to keep up the daily walking-I should be outside by now, not walking the halls of the high school!!!!
    1852 days ago
    Ooooh I don't like the sound of this, because here in upside down land it is officially autumn, and we have winter, not spring, to look forward to.
    1852 days ago
    Yup, fed up with the cold now. Fed up with only having one really warm room in the house so I tend not to want to go anywhere else. Fed up with it being too cold, wet and windy to want to cycle to work. Fed up with hot/cold/hot going between buildings at work. Fed up with wearing scarf and fingerless gloves having breakfast in the mornings. I don't recall this much snow this late in the year before, even though my partner says 'we've had snow in May before'. A shower, maybe, but I'm still pretty sure I don't remember this much snow in March ever.

    1852 days ago
    So, got a question. Will summer be too warm and/or humid on your island? I do not tend to enjoy being cold. That said, I do seem to be better able to keep warm than to cool off when the weather is HOT.

    Isn't it great to be able to blame all our woes on the weather?
    1852 days ago
    Just got the boot from this site or hit the wrong key so I'm starting all over! Ahhhh hate when that happens.
    Thanks for the weather update and the smiles it encouraged!! It's the same here in N.Y. only we skipped the snow thank goodness.
    Hang in (or onto your everything) and thanks again for dropping a few giggles into our week-end!!
    ginny emoticon
    1852 days ago
    Having trouble perking up my Mojo too! It is always a few degrees cooler up here in Cheshire than dahn saaf - it is minus 1c here at this moment and I am wrapped in several layers, cold and unmotivated.

    With you on the itchy skin bit too - especially just where I can't reach to scratch on my back. ( Probably cos I can't reach there to plaster on the body lotion either. ) Managing to maintain rather than lose at the moment but guess I should be grateful for that. Can't wait for a bit of warmth and sunshine.

    1852 days ago
  • JIBBIE49
    emoticon Great to see your blog featured in the Spark Mail. emoticon
    1852 days ago
  • CAMAEL100
    I am with you! A winter that refuses to go away and sticks around stealing Mojo's!

    1853 days ago
    I feel your pain!!! Though thank GOD it isn't still that cold here where I live. But it is too cold for spring, and I can't WAIT for spring to really actually get here! Winter utterly saps my mojo too - it's so much harder to work up the energy to get some exercise in when the house is all cold and it's cold and gray outside and all I really want to do is curl up and hibernate.

    Surely, we're almost to the nice weather... (I hope!)
    1853 days ago
  • JAMER123
    I agree the weather is topsy turvy!! We are on the opposite ends of the thermometer!! Tomorrow is to be 102 F. degrees and they say it is spring!! This is mid summer temps in Texas!! Take care & I hope you do have a nice weekend!!! emoticon
    1853 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    1853 days ago
  • MILLIE5522
    Definitely wailing! This 6 month winter is really getting to me! emoticon
    1853 days ago
  • KIPPER15
    I am right there with you. Lost my mojo to the weather too. I am looking for sunshine and at least 50 degrees! emoticon
    1853 days ago
    It is cold, cold, cold here were I live also. I want to go out and enjoy the "spring" weather, but no spring yet here. I am ready for summer!!!
    1853 days ago
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