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Thursday, March 21, 2013

I hit my first big disappointment last night, and boy, did it hit hard.

I tried to cook chicken breast in my slow cooker. I had pretty good instructions so I felt good about it. When I got home, it had been cooking on low for 7 hours and it looked good! So I stuck my thermometer in it - 120*. Boo. So I closed it back up and left it in there for another hour. Still 120*. THEN, I turned it up to high and left it in there ANOTHER hour. Still 120*.

I know my thermometer goes up above 120 because it went up to 170 when I made that awful pork tenderloin.

So, my chicken is shot and I have no meat for today and it was almost 10pm when I realized this. I felt so defeated. How utterly disappointing. Not to mention, I got home from the gym at about 7:30 and was cooking and cleaning for-seemingly-ever. I didn't sit down to relax until 9:45. This is taking too much time. I wanted to use the slow cooker because I thought it would save me time, but it's only making my meat taste terrible.

So my next attempt, I'm going to try to pan-fry my chicken breasts. I would have tried last night, but the only chicken I had was frozen.

I have another pork tenderloin too. I'll try that in the slow cooker again, this time, for less time. If it doesn't work out, my next attempt will be in the oven. Unfortunately, I don't have a pan to cook it in the oven in, so that will require an investment.

The other big disappointment was that I went to prep my avocado for today, and it was not ripe. I have 6 avocados and none of them are ripe. I would have put one in a bag with a banana, but I don't have any bananas because they don't fit into my meal plan. I considered going to Meijer to buy one, (as well as some fresh chicken breast to try cooking), but there was no guarantee that I'd find one that was ready. Plus I was already in my pajamas and already feeling totally defeated. So no avocado today, either.

So I just sat on my couch and felt sorry for myself. Then I decided to whip up a batch of taco soup to replace my meat for lunch. It doesn't have as much protein, and way more carbs than my meat would. But whatever. I already determined that I'm forgoing the plan for dinner tonight to have soup and pizza with my family. Unfortunately, I had to wake myself up at 4am to take it out of the CrockPot. Luckily, I ate it for lunch and it was good.

So today is off. John offered me a chicken sandwich from Arby's. (He often buys too much food when he goes out to lunch and then offers me the leftovers.) It was tempting, especially since I ruined my chicken, but I passed pretty easily. WTH. Almost every day this week there have been weirdo temptations popping up.

So I put all of my swaps in my nutrition tracker for today and I actually come out to just about the same amount of calories. I'm getting more carbs and less protein than my other days. But it's just one day. On the plus side, I'm getting more fiber than usual.

I have so much to do tonight. Tonight is my cardio night. I'm one Week 2 Day 1 of the Zombies, Run! 5K training plan. It's a light workout, but I know it will pick up and get to be more difficult. I've succumbed to doing it on the treadmill, but only because it's nasty out. Then I have to shower, go to trivia, stop at the grocery store to get a couple ripe avocados and some chicken breasts, cook the chicken breasts and a new batch of rice, wash dishes, pack for Friday night through possibly Sunday morning... and my mom wants me to draw her something for our game in DrawSomething because it's my turn. I told her I probably wouldn't be able to get to it until Saturday, though.

*le sigh* It's supposed to get easier, not more difficult.

There's a bowl of chocolate Easter eggs on the counter just outside my office. They're right in my line of sight. I pass them every time I walk away from my desk. And I really want one now. What is one little egg, right? But I don't even really like chocolate. I get to enjoy my protein shake in an hour. (I've come to really enjoy those.) And later on I'm going to have delicious soup and the best pizza there is. And even better than all of that, I get to hang out with my family. I skipped church last Sunday, so I haven't seen them since last Thursday and it feels likes an eon. I need the hugs. I need the smiles and laughter. I don't get any of that when I'm working out at the gym, or at home cooking and cleaning.

I was SO down about not having chicken or avocado for lunch today, but I need to take a page from Beechnut's book and "Get the f*ck over it." Tomorrow is another day, and honestly, I didn't do that badly. The calories come out to be just about the same, and I'm still getting more than the Spark-recommended percentage of protein.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Also, if ever you cook on low, and it isn't done, throw it on high!
    2088 days ago
    This is why I don't cook meat in my slow cooker. I use my pressure cooker instead.
    2089 days ago
    Something doesn't sound right about the slow cooker. My slow cooker on low gets to 190F. On high it goes to 250F. Are you at high altitude at all? Does your slow cooker have a simmer setting that it drops to after cooking for a certain amount of time?

    Sorry that your meals didn't turn out this week. My pork chops turned out too dry last night. Hoping tonight's meal goes better!
    2089 days ago
    I am not a fan of the slow cooker.
    2089 days ago
    Seven hours on low, that chicken should be done! Does your crock pot run hot, or cold? That's so weird. I'm sorry, pal. Was it under-cooked or over-cooked?
    2089 days ago
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