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Ugggghhh Pictures - But Just what I needed to see.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sometimes after awhile, we tend to sort of forget from where we started. At least I did.

Weight loss is happily plugging along, until one day it isn't. And I know this is normal - the ups and downs, and plateauing for a bit before another drop, etc. But yet sometimes I still wonder, if I have really made any noticeable progress at all. I mean I know I have, but while your body is healing and plateauing for a long time - could be months & months to heal and adjust before you lose again - during this time you sort of lose sight of where you started from. All you can think about are the fat poodges still left. Again... at least I did.

But then.... some Old pictures turn up..... uggghhhhhh Stark reminders of where you started from.

I say uggghhhhhh. Uggghhh because I can't believe that was me. I mean really, who is that fat chick? She is as wide as she is tall.

As I sit here now, I know I am not close to goal and can't help but think of how much weight I still need to lose, but yet I feel so disconnected from the woman in these pictures. I barely even remember the events. I was so deficient in nutrition and vitamins from the crap foods I was eating. I was in such a sugar & grain brain funk. I am not even sure how I made it through my days.

So yes, these are uuggghhh pictures that I downloaded from a friend last night, but really, they are exactly what I needed to see. A reminder of where I started and how far I have come. It is not so much about how far I have left to go, but baby look how far I have come!

April 2011

And I know (now) turn the flash off emoticon - my first attempt at mirror pictures and I haven't tried again since - but here is a quick comparison

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