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Great Workout Time

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hello there Spark People! :)

Working out feels great with that adrenaline rush running through your whole body!

Good news: Got my eating habits back in control since I've been getting a tendency to eat more calories than my recommended caloric intake. Drinking more water on a consistent bases. Try to eat smaller proportion and more meals throughout the day. Lots more exercise, more confidence and more energy.

Bad news: Carbs Craving Attack, not going to deprive myself so I'm going to try to eat only enough to meet my requirements. Sweets craving.

I'm definitely getting on track in terms of working out. I feel great. I feel awesome! I'm looking more hotter in my mind.

While working out today, my aunt who I haven't seen for a month said that I look great and that I look thinner. I said thanks and told her that she just have to work hard because that's what I've been doing. She agrees and said that she can tell from how upbeat I was when working out at the gym. I'm trying to encourage her, because I know she can do it. However, it's up to her since she said she's not really the type to work out and she's trying to do it more on a consistent level. My other aunt invited me to workout with her tomorrow. I can't wait till then.

Not to mention I saw my reflection today at the gym and I got to say I almost couldn't recognize myself because in my mind I'm still the fat girl. However I started checking myself out and I got to say, I look pretty good so far. This feels motivating so I just have to keep going at it till I get there but it doesn't stop there now. I have to maintain this healthy lifestyle if I want to live long.

I'm beginning to feel like a exercise addict or a workout junkie. I don't know if this is a good or bad thing, but I've never felt so active and alive in the longest time I can remember. I'm so excited and pumped up to start my workout sessions. I want to look sexy. In my mind I'm keeping my eyes on my goals and dreams. I want people to recognize my changes. I want them to say that I look wonderful. In return I want to help them in the best way possible with my best self.

I guess it's in my best interest to keep up with the healthy lifestyle because I'm beginning to see progress. I'm so happy that I'm keeping myself in check. It's been hard, but this month I've finally gotten almost 1000 minutes in fitness time. I just have to going at it.

I know I have a ways to go. I want to say thank you to those who keep track of me, read my post and those who support me. I wouldn't have enough motivation and passion without you. I hope that I can help inspire you. Even if no one reads my blogs or post, it's fine because I'm here to do this for myself and this is also my mental note of how far I've made it.

Thanks for reading! :)

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