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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I started running two years ago because EVERYBODY on Spark, which I'd just joined, swore by it as the best way to lose weight. I was not a runner, ever, except for the 50 or 100 yard dash in junior high and high school, which I could win in P.E. class no problem. Anything longer than that, forget it. Wasn't interested. I hated the way it felt to run.

"5K Your Way" was the program I used to start running and it really works. There's also "Couch to 5K" that takes it a bit slower but I bet you all know all of this, I'm sure I'm preaching to the choir here.

So, I ran and I did 5Ks and I never got that good but it didn't matter. I was there for the party, so to speak. It was fun to run with all those other people and as long as I run the whole thing, I feel a great sense of accomplishment. I did a bunch of races that first year and a few last year (I was kind of "off the wagon" the last half of last year, thus, my reason for being on Spark again!)

This year, I want to get back into running and I want to do and enjoy doing 5Ks and maybe I even want to do BETTER this time. Maybe even better EACH RACE. What a concept, huh? I don't care so much about competing against anyone else, I will just race against myself. (Although, each race there is always some other racer that makes me mad in some way like cutting in front of me when they pass or letting their dog on too long of a lead and he gets in my way, etc, and if this person is doing that run/walk thing that results in their passing me and then being passed by me and so I keep seeing them, THOSE PEOPLE I do try to beat! Ha!)

Here's my results from last weekends 5K-

1423 48/139 262 Teresa Kahle 53 F 37:20 36:01 11:36

For those who are uninitiated, those numbers mean:
I came in 1423rd (out of 2350 or so)
I came in 48th out of 139 other females between 50-59 years old
My bib number was 262
I am 53, Female
The first time (37:20) is the time from the starting gun to the time I crossed the finish line. Since I wasn't standing right at the starting line, this is NOT my race time. I am not even sure why they give you that time. Anyone?
My real time was 36:01. That's from when I crossed the start line till I crossed the finish line. I clocked myself on my Run Keeper and got 35:59 but I was running and jiggley and am sure they are way more accurate and in fact, was surprised how close I was.
11:36 is my average pace for a mile. If you do the math, and I sure did, that means I averaged 5.1724mph. (Right? Can someone check that math?)

I should probably be embarrassed but I'm not! I think that's pretty darn good. For an old, chubby chick that used to smoke and never ran as kid. I am now motivated to do even better and will keep at my Fartlek training. I checked my other race times and this was the second fastest I've ever finished and it's the first race so I'm doing something right.

The woman who came in first in my age group ran the race in just over 21 minutes! I really wish I had seen who she is so I could have a nice little talk with her and get all her SECRETS. ;-) Next time.

I made this myself! Ha ha, that's me!

(if you can't read the captions it says, from left to right, top to bottom:
What my family thinks I do
What my friends think I do
What my husband thinks I do
What the other runners think I do
What I think I do
What I really do)
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