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I know you’re sad because it’s winter, but I can promise you a spring

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Green Carnation’s “Lullaby in Winter” providing the title of this missive, in honor of the first day of spring. Apparently, Mother Nature didn’t get the memo, and the high temp where I am is supposed to be in the 20s, not the high 40s spring promises, and certainly not the 82 degrees Chicago experienced on the first day of spring in the year 2012. Honestly, I would be very amused if the high temp ended up being 28, the transposition of the digits acting as another sign of nature’s warped sense of humor. But apparently, the temps will fall well short of that, topping out at 25.

Weigh in crept up another pound. Still below the mid January starting point of this blc round, but also up 6 lbs from the number I saw on the scale on February 17. In other words, not a good month. Still settling in to the new routine, not eating well, and not exercising consistently. That will improve. Question, as always, is “when”? And yes, I know the answer is, “when you decide to make it happen.” As routine helps make those decisions easier, hoping that translates to sooner rather than later.

And, at some point in the 6 hours since I scribbled out the thoughts above, I’ve been granted access to the system I’m going to work on. Time to get to work! Well, after I take the quiz that will grant me access to the software I’ll be working with, that is. Baby steps.
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