Slowly, but steadily losing and smallest weight!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

It has been slow-going, and full of ups and downs, but this morning I weighed in at the smallest weight that I've been in... maybe two or more years. Last summer I was doing really well with living healthfully, and in September of last year reached my lowest weight in that 2+ years, but then after leaving Korea and moving back to the states, and living with my parents for a few months (where there was constant chocolate and other candies in the house) I gained back some weight. But this morning I am 7/10 of a pound under my previous low weight in September, and it feels awesome! The past month or so has been slow-going, with minor ups and downs, but overall a downward pattern. Last night I was watching The Biggest Loser finale, and the winners are determined by % of body fat lost. I've been watching all season, but it just occurred to me last night when I'm seeing that people are losing 40%+ of their body weight and are just radiating from the inside out, that hey, percent of body fat lost would also be a good way to measure my progress. At the moment I'm measuring weight loss, and inches loss. So I plugged my numbers into a calculator, and since my heaviest at the beginning of the winter (which was also my heaviest since high school) I have lost 8.06% of body fat!

And now it's time to do some gentle, stretching yoga, emoticon as I'm really feeling my kickboxing workout from yesterday in my back and shoulder blades (which is also why I love kickboxing! It works muscles like no other exercise I've found, and makes me feel strong and powerful) emoticon
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