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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hello all! My name is Kimberly I'm happily married for almost 11 years and have 2 kiddos. I'm a web designer, and artist, and a Vegan.

I became a vegan at the age of 34 on September 1st 2012- not that long ago at all! I originally went vegan for health reasons- I suffered from debilitating daily migraines for years and was a medical guinea pig- up to 17 pills a day at on point just trying to prevent them. It wasn't working for me- just giving me fun side effects like hallucinations and randomly fainting- and who knows what else so I decided to try something different. After some research this is what I landed on.

I woke up Sept 1st and told my husband my plan- told him I'd happily keep cooking for him but I was tired of not being able to live life and enjoy my family. He said "Okay- well then we're all doing it." And from that evening on we've been doing it together. I was scared as a full blown carnivore who use to give a pitiful look and say "oh I"m so sorry" anytime someone told me they were even vegetarian- I was raised knowing that vegetables consisted of potato and corn. I had no idea how I would ever live without cheese. Yes- I was that person. So I guess I deserve all of the comments and looks I get now. All I know is- I was so wrong. This has been the best thing I have ever done for myself in my entire life. (not the best thing I ever did- i have 2 great kids and a fantastic hubby afterall). It was a struggle going cold turkey- I cleared out my fridge, freezer and pantry that night and was cooking pure vegan by lunch.

It was a surprise for my family to do it with me- the kids being 9 and 5 really had no idea until we told them a month later, and explained everything. Through more and more research and recipe testing I feel I've become very firm in my resolve to continue on this path for good. My migraines stopped after the first week- I think I forgot to mention that. And with that I also opened my eyes to the truth of the food industry and refused to shut them again. Ew. I"m happy to be now living a cruelty free life- ignorance may have been bliss for me at the time but it wasn't for the animals and it wasn't for my health. My list of items I thought I"d never live without has gone from 1000000 things to maybe 2-5. I suspect eventually those 2-5 things will go away too.

I am careful with my meal planning (previously was using myfitnesspal) to ensure my kids are fully covered nutritionally. I hate being asked if I worry my kids aren't getting enough nutrition- I'm positive i know what my kids are eating more then 90 percent of the population does. There are meat eaters whose kids lack nutritionally because people aren't really thinking about it- they feed their kids as they were fed.

I've had a hard time with friends- sometimes still do. I feel like I'm always defending my choice and that there is always an eye-roll thrown my way. I swear I don't even bring it up, unless asked. I'm about to get a t-shirt made that would respond to all of the remarks I typically get: "yes you can live without cheese. yes there is protein in vegan food. yes it has flavor- probably more then yours. No, I don't care that the bible says animals were made to be eaten (does it really say that??). Yes, I know I'm fat- yes I'm seriously vegan. No, I don't think I'll become a pasty colored waif. No, I don't think my food is better then yours- I think it's healthier then yours and soooo much less cruel. Yes- there are issues with the manufacturing of soy and rain forests have been destroyed- but 80 percent of the current soy production is for livestock. No I don't eat grass and twigs . I didn't bring it up - YOU DID! " That might be much for 1 t shirt, maybe and I"m sure I missed a few.

Anyway- I'm open to meeting new people and making some virtual friends, giving and recieving support so feel free to friend me.

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    Tig123ger- I didn't like the sour cream at first but putting it in things I don't even notice it anymore. I actually hate real sour cream now and I use to love that. Where I live there isn't even remotely a good Vegan base so there is not really much to eat out here. We tend to do Thai, our favorite place knows we're vegan and makes sure to let us know if we're ordering something that has an ingredient in it we won't want and will alter it for us. Regular restaurants mean taking away ingredients most of the time and it can be difficult. But I figure if I'm doing my best at home the small amount we eat out isn't something I will beat myself up over if there happens to be cream or something I didn't know about in it.

    charityhowell79- It would be much harder for me if my family wasn't with me in this. It's always good to make the people we love happy but also good to take care of ourselves the way that feels right to us.
    1889 days ago
    I think there are so many benefits to becoming vegetarian or vegan. I was one 10 years ago, I only ever gave it up because of marriage and finding it hard to cook two meals. I eat less meats than everyone in my family and keep it pretty lowfat. Congrats on all your success...this blog inspires me to pick my vegetarian lifestyle back up and be healthier again!
    1889 days ago
  • TIG123GER
    Welcome and congrats on the success. My husband and I went vegan a while back and we really good for 4ish months and slowly did some back sliding until we were about 50/50. Now we shoot for mostly meatless and vegetarian. I do enjoy cheese and yogurt and cream cheese and the vegan subs just don't cut it for outright eating. I can sub when it's heated/melted but to eat a slice or shreds doesn't cut it nor is the sour cream, cream cheese, or yogurt anything I can even get down my throat. I don't have them a lot but IF I eat them, I eat the real thing. Meat isn't really a problem so I can give that up easily. It is hard with others and it's hard finding places to go out with non-vegan friends. I'm hoping that just like gluten free, places will embrace meatless more and that there'll be better options. I know the grocery store items have definitely improved. Thanks for sharing and lots of luck to you!!!
    1889 days ago
  • LADYJ6942
    Welcome to SP Kimberly and congrats on your choice. We all need to do what works the best for us and it is an ever changing landscape.

    Good luck!
    1889 days ago
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