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Still weighing out the options

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

I am still looking around and doing my research. I donno if I should just sign up for this plan, it would start april 1st if I sign up now. But it all just sounds like a gamble. I hope the new Mother Child HC law goes into effect Obama is pushing. Cuz then insurance companies can't deny you for being pregnant. I looked at all the plans thru the government and we make way too much. Funny how u can make too much yet still can't make enough, how does that make sense? I read all these horror stories online of women in this situation, one didn't get to see a doctor til she was 7 months pregnant. Then she finally got medicaid and the hospital treated her like crap all thru her delivery. Yeah cuz you want that situation to be even worse then it already is. I looked into midwives but all the ones I see in the area are linked to hospitals, so I donno if it's an option to get to them without the hospital. I guess my next step today is to call the two hospitals in town and ask what kind of packages they offer for uninsured mothers to be. My friend had a good idea to take a job as a TA at a local school for the insurance, who knows how long that takes to kick in. I feel like I am surrounded by all these scales and none of them are reading anything clearly or non clearly for that matter.

My eating has not been all that terrible. Through the stress, I am turning to exercise to make me feel better. I came home on Monday all mopey and I could have sat on the couch and felt bad for myself. But I went to water aerobics and spent time with my friends and felt better for doing so. Everything in life happens for a reason, right? Sometimes it's just really hard to see that. Scott got his job and quit his old job yesterday. He went in the night before and cleared out his desk. Thinking he would get a week off work cuz they wont want him to stay. Nope they took it really well and now he has to work 2 weeks with his old boss giving him crap, he is thrilled!
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    Oh man, I know exactly what you're going through, and here are my two cents, for what it's worth:
    When I was in school I didn't have insurance and when I got pregnant, I was really scared. How would I pay for anything? I figured I'd go through a midwife since it is only about $3500. It was very stressful and I immediately knew that I never wanted to be pregnant and uninsured ever again. Well, when I miscarried, I ended up owing about $4,000 with the ER visit, ultrasounds, blood work, etc. Fortunately, I was a student, so our income was low enough that I qualified for coverage and didn't end up paying a dime. But had I not been covered, that would have been quite the mess.

    After my miscarriage, I immediately got health insurance and started charting my cycles, figuring out my issues, etc. I won't tell you we didn't try, but we didn't put too much effort into trying. Being pregnant and uninsured was a horrible feeling and I didn't want to be in that position again.

    Now, I'm so happy I waited. With this current miscarrige, I only ended up owing about $500 and that was with ultrasounds, blood work, office visits, etc. I have so many friends who are pregnant and having babies. Even the healthiest pregnancy can end up with problems. We have friends who were fine for 9 months, wanted a home birth, started into labor and ended up in the hospital with emergency c-section and baby in NICU for 1 month. It was all covered under insurance, thank goodness. I have other friends who have had healthy births but beforehand, are getting ultrasounds weekly for the last 2 months because of hypertension, concerns with amount of amniotic fluid, etc. Those ultrasounds were all covered. I'm just seeing that pregnancy can get very complicated very quickly, as can labor, and that's with a HEALTHY baby...

    I know nothing sucks more than the thought of having to wait. I've been there. But personally, the knowledge that when I do get pregnant with a sticky baby I'll be covered, is priceless to me and was worth the wait. I want to be happy and healthy when pregnant, not stressed out and worrying, let alone not being able to make sure my baby is healthy all along the way, you know?
    1859 days ago
    Will Scott have ins through this new place??
    1862 days ago
    Remind me where you are? (My sister is a doula in Mpls, don't know if she could help you out with options? Although she's a bit crazy, but she loves the whole baby and birth thing, and could be helpful if you're in that area.)
    1862 days ago
    I hope Obama Care goes into effect too because I can't afford $1000 a month for health insurance. We had to drop ours when it reached $800 a month and it was only for hospitalization. The GOP is determined to stop the bill now and they have been gutting it every chance they get. They are also trying to do the same thing with medicaid, medicare, and social security. I hope they aren't successful. They certainly have changed over the years and not in a good way.

    I have been down in the dumps lately. Part of it is from being sick and my SAD and not getting enough exercise outside due to the weather but other factors are at play too.

    Poor Scott. I feel for him.
    1862 days ago
  • COOP9002
    Hopefully the new job will be a blessing for Scott. Have a great day!
    1863 days ago
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