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Wednesday March 20 2013

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Well it's a new day. It's also a wintery one. Windy , snowing...spring? Not so much.
This was the day I was supposed to go get my mom. She's 100 miles away. I'm not driving in this. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.
I've been kind of stuck in my weight loss so I am rethinking the whole process. I don't think I've been over eating, but I think that I've relaxed and slipped up in small amounts that have accumulated. Maybe eating the wrong things. I also realized last night that I have become unfaithful to my exercise, especially my strength. I usually get something done but I have missed a few days. I need to pull this all together and get it working for me again.
On another view..has my body adjusted to the same diet and fitness routine and stopped responding?
I have hit this wall at about this same time in my weight loss path each time I have tried to lose. I came within 1 pound of reaching my goal last time and didn't make it. I am now 6 pounds away and really want this. When I was younger and went to Weight Watches I could lose 6 pounds in a week... now it is a struggle to lose anything at all.
My mom will be here for a month and my routine will change, I hope I can keep up with the exercise. I always feel a bit odd working out in front of her house is small, hard to get away alone, and I have always felt that I am slamming her for being obese...I am not but I don't want her to think I am showing off or putting her down. I do want her to lose, to be happy, I know she's not, but I don't want her to think I'm ashamed of her or angry with her. The thing is , she thinks I'm thin...and that I don't need to watch what I eat...she has told me that I am afraid of being fat like her..well she's right there and I easily could be. I think she knows that I struggle with my weight and always have, and I think she wishes she could back up the years and do better for herself.
ANYWAY....I AM Rambling!!!!!
I have to try to help her and myself..we are a strong willed pair, so much alike it's scary...we can do this!
If I get my program sorted out it may help both of us!

I had no idea where this blog was going...sorry ..I was just thinking through my typing fingers.
Now off to do some cardio!! emoticon
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    Your mom my be inspired to doing some mobility activity herself. You can get a tabletop cycle for her to use for both upper and lower. My Mom loved the idea that I was doing something to improve my health and I am sure she will too. Just put on
    Richard Simmons, "Sweatin With the Oldies".
    1887 days ago
    Hi Backyarder,
    Thank you for sharing yourself on this blog. I have sort of the opposite situation in my family. My daughter is obese and while I struggle with10-15 pounds, she has probably 80, and it's so hard to not preach. I pray frequently for guidance on how to help her be healthier. She does avoid convenience foods mostly, but like UNIQUEYGIRL said, just because it's homemade doesn't mean it's healthy!
    1887 days ago
    Well, I feel like I am reading one of my past blogs right now...The one about how society views us when we talk to others about their weight. I was going to suggest the same thing as BRENDA. Go ahead and cook your regular meals and then you can both eat healthy together.
    I don't know if I could work out in front of my mother. That would be hard. I wish I could help my mother get on the right track too. I know she would like to lose weight, but she seems to try the non conventional ways instead of normal ones. She also does not see some things as unhealthy when they are. A nice homemade bowl of broccoli and cheese soup, or potato soup, or homemade things with lots of fat are not healthy just because they are homemade.
    My oldest sister is also overweight, but does not seem to want to change. My middle sister(I am the baby) and I seem to really be trying and we share things we find that works.
    Trying to help a loved one and have them understand that you are concerned for them is really hard sometimes.
    Hopefully the weather gets better for you too. My horses all have a much needed bath ahead!
    1889 days ago
    I think my mom really is glad that I take care of myself. She used to try so hard but at 80 and very obese , with a sedentary life she burns very few calories now. She has missed a lot of fun things in her life because of her weight. I love her to bits .
    I will push on and try to help her while I'm at it. It just feels sometimes like I'm nagging her when I even mention healthier eating and moving. I'll be kind and handle it delicately. I know she really wants to lose too.
    In the meantime I have to take care of my own needs. Thanks for the comments ladies, they are all helpful. Blogging is great isn't it.

    1889 days ago
    Dealing with moms is always a challenge. I feel odd exercising in front of my mom too it just feels odd. Just do the best you can. If you feel you can talk to your mom about your need to keep up with your exercise, and hopefully she will be glad to see you doing good things for yourself.
    1889 days ago
    Maybe while your mom is visiting you can cook her really healthy meals and not have any junk foods in the house. Keep on doing what you do and don't worry about what she thinks. This is your journey and emoticon

    We are having a huge wind and rain storm here for the first day of Spring. Lots of snow in the mountain passes.

    Chehalis, WA
    1889 days ago
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