Official January Jumpstart Results!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Today became my official weigh in, progress picture, and measure in day! I am so excited by my results. These come from two weeks of the January Jumpstart in January, then time off for surgery in which I tried not to go overboard with food, and then four more weeks of January Jumpstart, plus almost one week of regular workouts (as the end of JJ landed on my TOM).

Okay! Now with the fun stuff!!

Starting Weight: 228.2
Ending Weight: 217.8
Weight Lost: 10.4lbs (WOO!)

I also managed to lose 7.25" all over, only gaining 0.5" in my hips, which I am actually really proud of, because I have always had a really flat hiney (just being honest here people), but thanks to strength training every other day (do them squats!!) and lots of walking, biking, and turbo jam, my rear is actually beginning to take shape! HOORAY!!!

I would post before and after shots, but at the moment I am still feeling a little too shy. Though I will say that my favorite realization from comparing my before and after is that my waist is becoming so much more defined! My body is beginning to actually look like the hourglass that it is!

This was exactly the motivation that I needed to keep going! I am so excited! Now if you will excuse me, I am off to workout!

Have a fantastic day everyone!
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