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Where would you have been in the Middle Ages?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I'm trying to calm my nerves before I start my PT session soon, and somehow flashed back to that weird discussion we had in World History.

Where would you have been in the Middle Ages?

My classmates spun tales ranging from being of noble blood to being a simple peasant. When my turn came up, I said "Dead". Cue enraged teacher, wondering why the problem kid wasn't cooperating yet again.

I had my reasons. A skeptic from a family of skeptics, and a woman at that? Burn the witch! Someone who knew about herbs? Burn the witch! Someone who wasn't good at anything handiwork but who loved mathematics? Burn the witch! And that was after all the perils of the times, childhood illnesses, and general maladies had their chance.

My teacher told me I would've been raised differently, would have been socialized differently- I told her I didn't believe that my core attributes would have changed. She agreed- the premise had been to transplant OURSELVES into the Middle Ages, and leaving behind both skepticism AND the need to acquire knowledge would have been to invalidate the exercise.

I finally relented to "probably banging on the doors of some school in Persia", because nobody wanted to face up to anyone probably dying as a small child.

So, just as a whimsical thought exercise, where would you have been in the Middle Ages? And "dead" is not allowed ;)
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