I Survived the doubling at TRX!!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I survived!!! and I was SCARED that I wouldn't!!!! emoticon

This morning we doubled everything in TRX... so the exercises are 2 times through now... and so are the sessions on the elliptical.... total of 9 minutes of strength and 12 minutes of cardio... but it seems like 90 minutes of strength and 120 minutes of cardio when you're doing it!

I did find myself holding back and going a little slower make sure that I had enough in the tank to finish.. and my form wasn't always as good as it's been ~ but I DID FINISH!!!!! WOO HOO!!! AND I pushed myself that last 30 seconds on the elliptical - going about twice as fast as I had for any of the rest of the time :-) Shawn didn't tell me to do it... it's just something that I wanted to prove to myself I could do... leave it all on the table... and MAN was I exhausted! emoticon

But now, 3 hours later ~ I FEEL GOOD!!! - na na na na na! emoticon

it will be the same routine on Thursday -- I have walking and Zumba tomorrow --
I'm making progress! If I hadn't started this, I'd still be stuck where I was before, just "wishing".... so at least I'm making the effort... AND I haven't quit!!
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